Lanskih, Eugenia aka Eugenia Lanskikh

Lanskih (Lanskikh), Eugenia – Kharkov, Ukraine

Born: April 13, 1983
Operates on site(s):  anastasiadate
ID # 1688217
I`d love to report Lady Eugenia Lanskih (Lanskikh). She is professional interpreter and scammer. She works with her husband Erick. Who is African and who works for marriage agency “Credo” and “Amrita” in Kharkov. He helps his wife to scam men as well as using her name to receive WU money.

Recently she put her profile back on Anastasia date. Her ID is 1688217. She also lied in her profile that she has one child when she has three mulatto kids.

Eugenia was working for agency “Soul Mate”, Kharkov city, Ukraine. She is interpreter. She used to do translation for friend of mine on his date. As appeared later on that was her sister

And Eugenia tried to receive money on her name saying her sister was ill. My friend was stupid and sent her 800 USD.

So all this family is into scam. They work as a team.

Her husband also was working as interpreter for agency “Amrita” and “Credo”, their director was Victoriya. – here she has pictures with kids and her previous husband who was African man too. So you could see she has more than one child.

As you can see that`s her friend and she has pictures from wedding day too

Xenia Pivovarova aka Ksiusha Astahova

Xenia Pivovarova aka Ksiusha Astahova, Oksana Pivovarova ,  Ksyusha Astahova – Kishinev, Moldova

First name: Oksana
Last name:  Pivovarova
Born: May 9, 1993
Location(s): Kishinev (Moldova)
Phone number: +38 099 1871519
Operates on site(s):
Reported for: moneywaster – has a boyfriend, gets paid to chat on dating sites
I’ve seen this lady on multiple sites for years now. This photo (Instagram) is 3 months old and she notes they have been together for 2 years. I believe this justifies as a scam.

her boyfirend’s page in Instagram:



Deordieva, Natalia

Deordieva, Natalia – Kharkov, Ukraine

First name: Natalia (Nataliya, Natalya, Natali, Natasha)
Last name: Deordieva
Born: December 09, 1987
Location(s): Kharkov(Ukraine)
Phone number: +38 067 1973241
Operates on site(s): anastasiadate LadyID=1696917 ID: 1000632099

Natalia Deordieva is officially in relationships with local man:
Her relationships status there is – in love.
On social group her guy claims they live together.
First picture they posted together is date December 2014. So it`s been more than half of year she is in relationships and still haven`t removed her profile from dating services. I guess this is complete fraud.


Braylovskaya, Tatyana

Braylovskaya, Tatyana – Kharkiv, Ukraine

First name: Tatyana
Last name:  Braylovskaya
Born: February 2, 1990
Location(s): Kharkiv (Ukraine)
Phone number: +38 096 6913978
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):

Report #1:
As you can see she has some successful modeling pictures, and told me she worked in China, Dubai, and Russia. She works as one of the paid girls on Bridge-of-love which is a 100% scam site. I just fought with my credit cards, and they were found out by their issuing credit company. I received a $580 return on my CC for services used on the site. They made me pay for girl’s personal info, and then gave out scam information. I have talked to at least five girls who are paid by the service to lie to men. Most of the time you think you are talking to a girl, it’s really a man. Tatyana is their biggest earner as the pictures support. She scams men out of hundreds of dollars a day. She always will ask you for money to help her disease riddled face. If you look closely, she is not pretty (great body) it’s all make up. She lives with other scammers in a house, and they video chat 20 hours a day. They are the only girls working for Bridge, that are allowed to be seen. That’s why they get paid the most.

Report #2:
I have a brand new scammer named Tatyana Braylovskaya, she is working out of Kharkiv, and ask for money for medical procedures. Her phone number is 011380966913978 her email is She stole close to $300 for phoney medical procedures. She is 34 her DOB is Feb 5th 1990 Here are her pictures

apartment and letter scam

apartment and letter scam

Don’t get me wrong – I love when women desire to talk about sex. However, dating site is definitely a wrong place to do it. Since you and a girl you communicate with know each other so well as to get sexually intimate, it’s stupid to pay $5 for each of these letters. At this point she obviously trusts you enough to give you her e-mail address.

However, I’ve heard many time girls saying they would do that. One of the girls I communicate with wrote to me:

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Goncharova, Irina – Harkov, Ukraine

Goncharova, Irina – Harkov, Ukraine

First name: Irina
Last name:  Goncharova
Born: January 13, 1993
Location(s): Harkov (Ukraine)
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s): (LadyID=1730046)

Scammed Michael for $2.350

I’d like to report a scammer Goncharova Irina from Kharkov city. We have been talking for few months on site Anastasiadate. She started telling me that she wants to visit me and she needs money on passport and visa. Later on she told me she got visa and asked for money for her tickets. I sent her everything as I was so anxious to see her. After that I`ve never heard a word from her. All together she scammed me for 2350 USD.
On her social Internet site she claims she is married

Goldenbride / gloriabrides – the sad story of scam

Goldenbride / gloriabrides – the sad story of scam
The first time I ever heard about these site was when I received a letter on Dream-marriage inviting me to join the
WARNING!!! IMPORTANT INFORMATION!! dont copy, just write)

Hello %name% !
When I saw your profile I felt like we are looking the same and also I felt like both of us
are serious in this search.
I must tell you I don’t like this site much, I see it can’t give us all the things we
need to know each other better… But I have an idea!
I found out about the other dating site named (GoldеnBridе.nеТ), dont copy, just write)
It’s really much better and prices are low there.
I’m sure that your true love is waiting for you only on the site (GoldеnBridе.nеТ), dont copy, just write), so let’s
meet there! I can’t wait!
Send you my warm kisses!

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Semenova, Irina – Nikolaev, Ukraine

Semenova, Irina – Nikolaev, Ukraine

First name: Irina
Last name: Semenova
Born: May 14, 1988
Location(s): Nikolaev (Ukraine)
Address(es): Nikolaev region, Galitsinove village, 8 March str. 17
Phone number(s): +380667374214
Operates on site(s): (ID: 97592), (ID:603892)

Scammed: Tommy for $12,000


Irina Semenova scammed me for almost $12,000 in a 18 month period. I have reported her to western union and will report her to Continue reading Semenova, Irina – Nikolaev, Ukraine

Kajanova, Anna – Nikolaev, Ukraine

Kajanova, Anna – Nikolaev, Ukraine

First name: Anna
Last name:  Kajanova
Aka: Anna Kajanova, Kajanova Anna, Anna Kaganova
Born: January 13, 1993
Location(s): Nikolaev (Ukraine)
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):,

Sex-chat model operates on dating sites to earn money for chats with single men