Here goes the list of scam horror reports!!


Report-scam.com is now up with a complete list of all the known scammers posted by the users. Previously if you wanted to check your fiance you had to search all over the Internet, but now you can go through the scam list and discover horrific reports even if you do not know her/his full name. I think this is a good addition though its pretty simple and basic.

Helping other people with scam reports and encouraging dating sites to stop abusing customers with different cheat has become necessary as many people get victimized globally every day. So, keep your scam incidents reported and never stop posting scam.

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  1. I joined the CharmDate.com website nearly 4 months ago, and I have been done to the tune of USD $4,000 + (That is U. S. Dollars. I pay with Australian Dollars with trades at $0.67 US cents! (You do the math!) I did do searches and came up with nothing on this website, but then I found their Facebook page and started looking through their photos. I was seeing photos of girls I was corresponding with that were over 12 months old! This began to trigger alarm bells. I then contacted one of the ladies whom I was in correspondences with and asked her why her old photo was still present? She asked me why I wanted to know? (this is lady who professed undying love to me!) and then told me some bulls**t story about leaving the site and then returning to it! I have also had many girls as young as 18 plead with me to marry them (I am 51), when we hadn’t even said “hello” yet! I wish I had investigated this website more thoroughly!! More’s the pity for me!! 🙁

  2. I’m a guy living in Vancouver, Canada and I can’t figure out how you guys spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars trying to connect with someone 4,000km away on the other side of the world. You’re being led to believe that these women will fall in love with you over the Internet? Are you guys that gullible? I’m not a great looking guy, just average but I recommend a social awareness coach to help you approach women and get more dates. It definitely helped me, and it doesn’t cost me anything like what you guys are spending. And what about all the wasted time you have in front of your computer when you have be actually meeting people in person? Come on guys, get yourself together and stop wasting your time, money and effort on something you deep down inside know is a fraud!

  3. VSG, it is easy to throw stones anonymously on the internet. It is easy to make fun and mock men who are not as lucky as you. But this goes beyond your making fun of men who are dating overseas.

    Who is to say most of the men have problems dating? Some of the men in my group prefer not to date Western women. Some men think women in Ukraine/Russia look better. Other men think there is a better cultural fit.

    What does it matter the reason for dating overseas? Men just have to use honest services and honest websites. Don’t let Vancouver guy, destroy your hope of finding love. It is possible to find overseas.

    But you just have to be smarter, avoid all pay by letter sites. Do not be a fool, women who claim to need a person to translate should be avoided. Especially, if they want to pick the person who translates. Never stay in an apartment picked out by your date. Always choose your own place.

    Just follow common sense rules and you will be fine.

  4. I would like you report a scammer and post her on the site here and then I can attach pics of her and her husband:
    First name: Angelina Last name: Garkusha
    Born: February 10, 1986
    Location: Dnipro / Dnipropetrovs’k
    Company: Професиональный МАКИЯЖ / PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP
    Address: Dmitriya Yavornitskogo Avenue. (Eks. Karla Marksa ave.) 22, Kirov Dist.
    Phone: +38 0675669190
    Website: https://www.instagram.com/angel_make_up_dnepr/
    Profile Angelina Garkusha: https://vk.com/id9306513;
    Profie Maxim Listerman (husband): https://vk.com/ld77770;
    Operates on sites: anastasiadate, russian brides, dream marriage, charmdate
    Professional scammer, angel make up artist and model from Dnipro, married woman with a child, finds her victims on popular dating sites
    Scam: Angelina Garkusha – @angel_make_up_dnepr – has for roughly 5 years been on dating/marriage websites corresponding with men although she is married and has a child and has been together with her husband Maxim Listerman for over 7 ½ years.
    However she claim on the dating/marriage websites she is single and has no children! She claim she is very serious in her search for her future husband. She state in her 4 different profiles on the websites: I want to be the best wife! Will you help me with this?
    I was royally scammed by Angelina for 20 months for more than 25.000 USD + travel expenses between 2015 – 2017.

    ScamVictimsUnitedCom made s scammer profile on Angelina Garkushe and state:
    ”Today we present an AnastasiaFRAUD professional super scammer, the prostitute
    Angelina Garkusha (Vizazhist) from Dnipropetrovsk (Dnipro). Her latest victim lost over USD 25.000 in communication fees to the mafia controlled AnastasiaFRAUD organised crime, dating fraud site”.
    The scalpel also posted a video on her with the title Married scammer Angelina on dating sites:


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