apartment and letter scam

apartment and letter scam

Don’t get me wrong – I love when women desire to talk about sex. However, dating site is definitely a wrong place to do it. Since you and a girl you communicate with know each other so well as to get sexually intimate, it’s stupid to pay $5 for each of these letters. At this point she obviously trusts you enough to give you her e-mail address.

However, I’ve heard many time girls saying they would do that. One of the girls I communicate with wrote to me:

“Dear, can you ask agency for my contact information, so I will be able to send you nice acceptable for you variants of the apartments via Email?”

This means she wanted me to have her e-mail address and other contact information. The same day I said “…many good apartments are only $30-50″. But she didn’t send me an e-mail. She contacted her agency and the agency manager sent me e-mail, which offered me an apartment between 50 and 100 dollars. She sent me no pictures, no web site, and no links. This is called a “bait and switch” scam. The girl baited me with promise of sending me an e-mail with info about apartments, but switched me to another person to sell me something that i didn’t want. I immediately recognized the scam, so I found an apartment myself for $30.

After the agency manager told the girl that I found an apartment myself, she rejected my request for her contact information. That proved she was scamming me. I learned about a train crash early in the morning of the day of my trip to Kiev. I was trying to find a way to get to New York. But a couple hours later, I got the letter from goldenbride.net, which said that the girl rejected my request. The main reason that I canceled my trip was because she refused to give me her e-mail address. It was very rude because she asked me to request it, but only so she could earn some money in an apartment scam.

Now she keeps writing about sex, she is starting a sex fantasy and asking me to finish it, in an attempt to get me to write more letters on goldenbride. This means that her agency will get more money from me. They get only about $2  from my letter, but she is on at least 6 different dating sites. They all use her agency. So, her beauty, sex talk, and apartment scams help her agency make some money. Probably they pay her $100-300 each month.

If a girl really wants to keep in touch with me, she can easily send me an e-mail to my personal account. The address that I gave her many times but she never wanted to use it because there is no point for her to write free letters to me if she can get paid for letters. Several other women in Ukraine scammed me by refusing my request for contact information, even after they asked me to do it. They scammed me in other ways too, but she was the first with the “bait and switch”.



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  1. I kept seeing the ad pop up every time I went to play computer chess .
    I decided to join and I paid the monthly fee.
    Several people wrote to me and I enjoyed reading and writing the letters until I found out they were asking for money to pay the translator.
    Now who goes to pay Google’s free translation service?
    Then later after surfing the internet I found the real ladies at several dating websites and found out they were not even writing the letter’s.

  2. The our government will take as much, if not all our retnermeits to finance all its fraud. The gov. will steal from us everything they can get their grubby little hands on.

  3. We have received as many as 5 scam calls in one day. The phone numbers of the people calling us are as follows 646 934 6161 and 415-2250 9266 and 773 269 3233 + 415 250 9266. These callers are telling us that we are in debt to IRS and we must hey soon to avoid prosecution they claim to be an IRS agent which of course they are not I asked one particular man who are you and he responded I am my Father’s son and followed by strong profanity including the F-bomb I would appreciate if you people call these people find out how to stop them thank you very much

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