One thought on “apartment scam”

  1. Hello, hello, all the beautiful laydies with full respect, my name is majudik comes from perian, over 25 years live in e u, almost over 6 months or a glass in all countries in europe and ect,
    And now 14 years live in Vienna, single, never married, no child
    , Job, welding and plumber teacher, master,
    Completely serious in working hours, except working time music, joke, fun, do not drink no smoking, once a year, chrismas evening,
    And in the summer after work after a cold shower a few cool beer.
    ABOUT ME: nice enough, polite and respectful for everyone.
    , Funny, always cultivated, elegant, language know about 5 language, ING, FRE, ITA, SPA, mother tongue is Persian, 14 years in wien rest every country in the EU ,, ca one year with language course girlfriend and television “, The 3 In a year can get b2 level, ready for Uniiversity, so was with me, that’s all oh something very important I forgot, I’m open to all opinions, no matter what, know me enough with this life.
    More than 25 years in about 15 countries all alone without the help of anybody or anything else,
     , Know one knows what comes tomorrow, just enjoy each time ,,,,,, when you get the same dasnn you can organize cool plan for every hour, laughs does not cost, is free, lets go to the nice,

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