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apartment and letter scam

apartment and letter scam

Don’t get me wrong – I love when women desire to talk about sex. However, dating site is definitely a wrong place to do it. Since you and a girl you communicate with know each other so well as to get sexually intimate, it’s stupid to pay $5 for each of these letters. At this point she obviously trusts you enough to give you her e-mail address.

However, I’ve heard many time girls saying they would do that. One of the girls I communicate with wrote to me:

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Goldenbride / gloriabrides – the sad story of scam

Goldenbride / gloriabrides – the sad story of scam
The first time I ever heard about these site was when I received a letter on Dream-marriage inviting me to join the
WARNING!!! IMPORTANT INFORMATION!! dont copy, just write)

Hello %name% !
When I saw your profile I felt like we are looking the same and also I felt like both of us
are serious in this search.
I must tell you I don’t like this site much, I see it can’t give us all the things we
need to know each other better… But I have an idea!
I found out about the other dating site named (GoldеnBridе.nеТ), dont copy, just write)
It’s really much better and prices are low there.
I’m sure that your true love is waiting for you only on the site (GoldеnBridе.nеТ), dont copy, just write), so let’s
meet there! I can’t wait!
Send you my warm kisses!

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