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Volskaya, Yuliya

Volskaya, Yuliya

First name:   Yuliya
Last name: Volskaya
Born: April 6, 1993
Location(s):  Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine
Address: Zenitnaya, 22
Phone number:  +79781062616
Operates on sites:,,

Just an other Internet model making money on dating sites. Gets paid by dating agency. Translators write letters for her and she earns  about 30% commission for letting them use her photos.


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Borodkina, Karina – Mariupol, Ukraine

Borodkina, Karina – Mariupol, Ukraine

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First name: Karina
Last name: Borodkina
Aka: Karina Borodkina, Borodkina Karina
Name aliases: Karina, Kari
Born: April 10, 1994
Location(s): Mariupol (Ukraine)
Address(es): Artema 130а/8
Phone number(s): +380983135131
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s): Dream Marriage ID: 3129461
Natashaclub ID: YourOwnCaprice (deleted)
RussianLoveMatch ID: 572976
Bride-forever ID: 25137
Jump4love ID: 180962 (deleted)


Has a boyfriend: Dima Smolyanoy (

She has been with DIMA for the last 4.5 years….
Here is the Video that she sent to him back in 2011 for his birthday, & his VK profile is filled with numerous postings from Karina…..

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