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Shmigelskaya, Eleonora

Shmigelskaya, Eleonora – Chernovtsy, Ukraine

First name:  Eleonora (Lera)
Last name: Shmigelskaya
Born: November 22, 1978
Location(s):  Chernovtsy, Ukraine
Phone number:  +38 050 879 06 77
Operates on sites: (ID 145372), (ID 368683)

Girl is on vk social site. She has a child. Her profiles all list she is single, never married. I wrote many letters and she never once mentioned a child:

When I found her on and offered my contact information so we could talk direct, she refused and then blocked me.
She stated how much she wanted me and loved me but refused to offer contact information. Her last letters before I reported her to jump4love were very generic. Highly suspicious and no reason to refuse information or block unless she was hiding something more. I reported her and complained to but they did nothing except verify her video was real from agency (never once did they offer to show me evidence she was real) and said that was sufficient and they refused to refund credits back.
I recommend me use their site with extreme caution as now I find several women listed are found married. They have no legitimate anti-scam policy and take customer money with no care if woman is a scammer or not. You have to really complain to get credits back. Very shady operation.

S.H. (USA)
Does anyone know Mariia (Maria / Mariya), 23 yo from Odessa, operated in Romance Compass and Ukraina-Ladies (Traveler_Masha), Profile VK under the Name Maria Kaufman (and Mariia Kaufman). Name provided by agencies: Maria Kaufman
Would probably go under: money waster, but maybe the pictures form VK are stolen (she doesn’t answer to my inquiry, that’s why I’m not sure)



Hubedzheva, Margarita

Hubedzheva, Margarita – Kiev, Ukraine

First name: Margarita (Margo)
Last name: Hubedzheva (Khybedzeva)
Born: November 20, 1992
Location(s): Kiev (Ukraine)
Phone number(s): +38 096 1628317
Address: Drahomanova, 25/58, Kiev, Ukraine
Operates on site(s):
Reported for: porn model, earns money for chatting with men on dating sites

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Kajanova, Anna – Nikolaev, Ukraine

Kajanova, Anna – Nikolaev, Ukraine

First name: Anna
Last name:  Kajanova
Aka: Anna Kajanova, Kajanova Anna, Anna Kaganova
Born: January 13, 1993
Location(s): Nikolaev (Ukraine)
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):,

Sex-chat model operates on dating sites to earn money for chats with single men