Dovgopolova, Larisa

Dovgopolova aka Vinogradova, Larisa

First name:   Larisa
Last name: Dovgopolova (aka Vinogradova)
Born: March 12, 1996
Location(s):  Kremenchug, Ukraine
Address: Geroev Bresta, 89/19
Phone number:  +380673257895
Operates on sites:,

Just another lying, scandalous two faced internet model chasing that foreign dollar.  Was on and writing me over 670 letters, all the while sleeping with her boyfriend.

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  1. Hello,
    I have the same experience with Larisa Dovgopolova at She wrotes me numerous letters over several months, swearing me her love many times. When I found out her site at (, where also photos of her boyfriend can be seen (name: Nazar Igorevich (, and I confronted her with him, she denied and told me that he is her cousin and she had no account at! Of course, all lies…
    I called here two, or three times on the phone number given here and she told me it is difficult to reach her as the phone is used similar by her mother, who controlls her. I found out that her real name should be Larisa Dovgopolova Olegivna (Довгополова Лариса Олегівна), which can be seen on her registration of Medical College in Kremenchug in 2012:

    List of full time students 2012, Medical College Kremenchug:,
    Spezialisierung: Arzthelferin – Спеціалізація: фельдшер
    Nr. 54: Довгополова Лариса Олегівна

    she also gave me her private email-address (, from which she wrote me two or three emails. It can be proved that the ip-address was from a server in Kremenchug (IP-email Server Kremenchug:

    All trial to agree for a meeting with her in Kremenchug failed as she had numerous excusions, her parents would not allow it so fast, also an official meeting at the agency in Kremenchug was impossible to arrange.

    agency name and location:
    Международное агенство знакомств “Anzhelika”
    По дополнительной информации и записи на собеседования, записывайтесь по тел. +380675597767 +380673257896
    7, Горького ул., Kremenchug, Ukraine

    On request I can upload (need a link here) or send other photos of her alone and together with her boyfriend or her twin sisterElena (

    1. Hi Giuseppe,

      I have had a similar experience with this girl, but I actually met her in person when I visited Kremenchug..also people should be warned not to trust this agency. They are all phony…I’ve tracked their social group on VK. I will soon add all the details to my story here…..

    2. Hi Giuseppe,

      I have had a similar experience with this girl, but I actually met her in person when I visited Kremenchug..also people should be warned not to trust this agency. They are all phony…I’ve tracked their social group on VK. I will soon add all the details to my story here…..

      1. Hello Andres,

        When you will post here the details concnerning the social group of VK of the agency from Kremenchug? I have a similar experience with another woman of Kremenchug, who is also registered at this agency and will post the whole story here soon.

      1. Hello David,
        Thanks for post : I just wrote to Christina to ask her to recheck as I had same disappointment over 3 years at Bridge of Love = do you know about class action going on in court in UK pls ! ? !
        Christophe GILBERT
        Reims, FRANCE

  2. Hi,

    I had a similar experience with Larisa Dovgolopova a.k.a. Vinogradova. I actually met her in person through the “Anzhelika” agency when I visited Kremenchuk last November. We were going to meet a second time, but Anna Ischenko (fat girl from the agency) claimed that Larisa got sick and was in the hospital. We continued to communicate over the next months and I planned a second trip to go see her in spring, which I had to cancel because Larisa said she had to go visit her grandfather in another city. Nevertheless,she remained sweet and we continued to chat. All along I wanted to have her write to me from her regular email. We did for a time, but then she claimed that she had lost the password to her email account and could not access it. Also, she said that her old laptop was crashing and she couldn’t use the laptop the agency provided her to chat or to send regular email. Finally, I offered to pitch in and buy her a new laptop through the site. I had arranged with Anna from the agency to buy her a specific model. I thought that for sure, this would be the answer to our problem with communication. I even created Larisa a separate email account on my own accord, which I was hoping she would start using, but there was always some problem that arose. In the end she claimed that she didn’t have much time to chat because she had to study for her medical exams. She said she would leave the sites because she had found me and swore that I was her only one. I waited for her to respond by email and even had Anna contact her. She wrote once more by regular email, claiming she was training to work on the ambulance and since early May of this year I have heard nothing more from her…after communicating with Anna for the better part of a month, one of my friends discovered Larisa Vinogradova’s profile online and sent the link to me. I tried to send her a friend request and thought she’d be happy that I went to the lengths to find her, instead she block me.

    I started to investigate a little on VK and discovered that all the girls on the various dating sites from Kremenchuk are linked back to the Anna Ischenko and Anzhelika Botova. Anzhelika is also a scammer, working at the agency while posing as just another girl seeking love. You can find her on Hot Russian Brides as ANZHEBESTIE profile #: 837775. I have tried to add these girls as friends to the VK profile I’ve created and they all block me. So I was interested in logging back into the dating site I had been using and sure enough thousands of other girls start inundating me with letters as if I was a stranger that they were intersted in, this included Anzhelika and another girl who I met when I was in Kremenchuk, Tatiana Bukhinskaya (profile name: YOURONLY1, profile # 839377 on Russian When I confronted Tatiana that I found her profile on VK and she had blocked me, she just played dumb, leading me to believe that all the girls from the Anzhelika agency are phony and frauds. And I would like to warn guys who communicate with girls from Kremenchuk, especially if they are associated with this agency “Anzhelika,” to be extremely cautious, because they are very good at convincing you that they are running an honest business, when really these girls there are to generate a profit, nothing more. So save yourselves the emotional sorrow, steer way clear of them, I urge you!

    1. It is just that one agency that is a fraud. Every pay by letter site is a crap garbage site. The websites are all owned by American companies. HotRussianbrice is owned by Romance Tours which is based in Florida. Men have to stop using these crap sites. We have to stop lying to ourselves. You are not going to find a scammer who all of a sudden changes her mind and wants to be with a good guy. Otherwise, we would not call them scammers.

      We all know these women are paid, just type “работа брачное агентство” into google search and see all the job postings that come back for women to work in this disgusting industry.

      There are honest sites and services like Or you can try if you want to use a cheap site. But stop using pay by letter services. They are all corrupt and disgusting.

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