Goldenbride / gloriabrides – the sad story of scam

Goldenbride / gloriabrides – the sad story of scam
The first time I ever heard about these site was when I received a letter on Dream-marriage inviting me to join the
WARNING!!! IMPORTANT INFORMATION!! dont copy, just write)

Hello %name% !
When I saw your profile I felt like we are looking the same and also I felt like both of us
are serious in this search.
I must tell you I don’t like this site much, I see it can’t give us all the things we
need to know each other better… But I have an idea!
I found out about the other dating site named (GoldеnBridе.nеТ), dont copy, just write)
It’s really much better and prices are low there.
I’m sure that your true love is waiting for you only on the site (GoldеnBridе.nеТ), dont copy, just write), so let’s
meet there! I can’t wait!
Send you my warm kisses!

As I understood some of the characters were replaced by Russian letters, so I had to type the site’s name by hand. After looking through the website I was impressed by the quality of the ladies presented there (at that moment I didn’t know that they still photos and profiles from other dating sites) so I registered there to see how it works. The same moment when I registered I immediately began receiving letters and started to be bombed my numerous of invitations to chat. Later I understood that they have chat and email bots that “work” with men to make them loose their credits for nothing, even though that some ladies are real but it’s had to find them in a crowd of fake profiles. I think that from seeing the looped videos of women that they use, in video chats, that they are not really concerned, so much, about how the money is made, just so long as the money is coming in, right?
If you are a newbie in a dating field, you may ask – what is a looped video? Let me explain this to you, some dating sites/agencies/ladies instead of broadcasting live videos prefer not to waste their time and record videos of ladies sitting in front of their webcameras to broadcast on dating sites. At first these videos were simple and it was easy check if it’s as live video or a loop by asking lady to make some confirmation moves, such as toughing her hair, waiving you, blowing a kiss, showing two fingers and so on, but later agencies understood that they can record such confirmation videos and use them while broadcasting loops. For example, when you suspect a lady to be broadcasting a loop, you ask her to show you two fingers, the next moment you see the video switching and she actually follows your request, after that video switches back to a long recording. It’s funny how some ladies can sit in front of their cameras in the same underwear for a few months or when you see the sun shining brightly in their windows during the night in their country.
To keep if short, I’ll specify a few points why I’m sure why Goldenbride is a scam (or gloriabrides is a scam as they are only different domains of the same site).
1. Low budget domains that they use – no one would use a domain for a real long-living project, it’s only a plug to be used until it will gets blocked for spam.
2. Fake profiles – I found many posts on different forums of Ukrainian dating agencies reporting to be stealing their profiles. Only a few ladies presented on that site really know that they have a profile there.
3. Looped videos – I’m not ready to pay my money for viewing pre-recorder videos that I can download from the Internet for free.
4. Pre-written form letters you receive in reply never contain any answers to your questions, translators that send these letters never even read your original letter.
5. Most women presented on goldenbride never go off-line, they simply live on that site, never sleep and don’t go to work.
There are many more facts proving that this site is a scam so I’ll continue to write my evaluation on gloriabrides in my next post. If you are a victim of fraud,  don’t stand aside – warn other men, it’s the best we can do to make fraudsters loose their money.

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  1. this sites a scam ill explain why in this letter to them. they also have girls online constantly, like theyre getting paid for this deceit.

    this girl is claiming she cant pick up her gift because shes in a village that can’t receive her gift. she claims her grandma died. so why is she online if shes claiming those words as true. and she claims she cant get good internet or connection.but she has loads of time to stay online on this website. why? Is she lieing to me? you straighten this out. she told me she doesnt receive internet. But i see her everyday on here.what is she doing that she has to lie about this. if you have girls representing your website like this kick those jerks off. their ruining your reputation.

  2. Scam …..A lady I know from visit was online at Anastasia,,,,,at same time it was showing that she was online at Amazing Women..I confronted her in chat, and was told that she was not aware of her stolen identity….
    Another lady that I met on a visit, was advertised on Amazing Women with different birthday…different job etc…
    not sure who to trust in regards to dating in Ukraine or Russia…….

    1. I noticed that the same scam would work Gloria enters with 4 profile at the same time of calling the chat. I never found Gloria a real profile. The same person 24 hours in the chat is what most has in glory. I got in a fight with them and they told me that at most in 10 media they would give me back my money. But if they have spent more than a month and nothing. My wish is to pay a professional to castrate everyone and everyone on this site who rob us. But who started it all was the Anastasia date. When viewing the advertisement of these sites of Facebook denounce them. I have a dialogue saved by skype that an employee reported the whole scheme of theft in Jump4 love. she wrote me that 95% of the profile is fake. She was not the same as the profile picture, she was a brunette and not blond as in the photos. And on top she was ugly, she turned the cam and showed me several girls in a big room and all the girls in front of a computer, were about 10 girls scam the site. She gave me her mail. UAdreams has sex tourism, there are real girls on this site that are in it for more than 4 years. They work like prostitutes. The branch of this site is UALadys. In Anastasia latin a woman in conversation with me and the same city that my writing me in chat in English and being our language in Portuguese. Currently 23 percent of all prostitutes worldwide are Ukrainian women. Girls 12 to 17 years old entering prostitution

    2. This site also owns the international anti-scam and prostitution agency. The mesnity is thirty dollars and there may be exchanges of information. It is forbidden to ask for money and have sex tourism. I adjust her agency in the fight against scam and prostitution on the internet. I exchange information with her by email. I’ve known her for about 8 years.

      1. Yo Marcus, it really is a sick joke, so many suckers fall for this:/ I have 2500 letters on Anastasia, 650 in two weeks on Gloriabrides , but the 600 odd from i cant seem to find decent reviews of:/ I havent spent a cent, I dont think with my dick,lol Do you know anything about FeeLove man?? Ime well aware of the huge rackets operating over there, but surely some of these ladies are actually looking for a man:/ I dont like the chances of some poor old, fat geezer no matter what any of them say, but a decent looking guy?? Is there ONE decent site you are aware of?? FeeLove is the cheapest at 1 dollar a letter, 30 cents a minute vid or text chat, free to read all letters, and looks the best setup ive seen..BUT:/

  3. I’d say becareful…. I’ve been on this site for 3 months now…. I’ve found many woman I like… and it seems like they like me…. they want to chat…. which can be expensive about 30.00 for and 45 minutes…. and they want to write letters to you….which is even more expensive…. like 3.00 dollars a letter whether you read or write it…. the problem with the site is…. once you get someone you like…. the website starts to turn off options to steer you away from Chat…. they want you to do only the most profitable product on the site…. Like writing Letters and reading letters… I can’t chat at all on the website now… they won’t let me…. only write letters…. it is just too expensive… I looked at 2 letters this morning…now it cost 15.00 dollars…. and it is starting to feel like the girls are getting commission also for talking to you…. they deny it… but it feels funny…. I’ve been told it is my browser by the admin. so I changed to 3 different browsers and I’ve installed the latest Flash Player…. all browsers are working the same on the website…. It feels like a scam….so becareful…. the women lure you in…. and then they say…lets just write letters…. the most expensive…. Doesn’t feel right.

    So My opinion…. Don’t trust this Website with your money or your Heart. Both will be taken.

    1. I find this also with You need to send and receive 10 EMF Emails before you qualify to purchase their personal contact information. The reason is that the woman can get to know you better. Strangely, if you chat for hours on their Live Chat Room, this doesn’t count and is therefore invalid to purchase there information! Hmmm… Go figure! Also too, you can build up endless bonus points, but you can’t use them, unless you write to a new lady! I have over 650 bonus credits built up, which are useless to me! Unless I wish to correspond to hundreds of women at once! Hmmm… I smell a con here! This whole website is geared up for the women who pay nothing, and not for the men who pay everything! In the 4+ months I have been on this website, I have been suckered out of $4,000 + USD!! Since I pay in Australian currency, and is trading at $0.67 U.S. Cents (you do the math!) I am out a shitload and no closer to finding my future wife!! When you reach the time when you can buy their contact information, they suddenly lose interest, or stop communication all together! BOY!! Did not see THAT ONE coming!!

  4. Guys, let me tell you , it is much worse than you think. There are some real profiles on gloria site, but many are fake girls, fake IDs and not real. As far s you know it could be guy named Vlad that you chat with! The same holds true with and with all pay per letter and pay per chat sites. I now know how to confirm that a girl is real or not . These sites will do everything to block you from chatting off line or exchanging emails. I know if two sites that are fair and most the girls are real. These are definitely not those sites. If you want dome help to confirm IDs or on which sites are best and will not steal your money, post your reply here or write the admin for my email address. Also, the sites steal and skim money off you by taking more than you use in chat. they take an extra 10- 20% from your credits on average. If you belive anything these paid interpreters tell you you waste your time. Most of theses girls don;t know you even exist. Many of them have had their own identity stolen and are being used on these sites to attract and scam men. How do I know this? I have talked with quite a few of the authentic real ladies and they ask me if I can help them remove their photos and information from these sites.

    1. I am very interested in learning more of what you have to say. I think I am involved with a clever scammer on a site and would very much like to be able to find out real information.

      1. Mr. Weaver if you are at one of these pay per letter sites, like Anastasiadate, then you are being scammed. The woman you are talking to, is simply working her job. I would just advise deleting your account and using an honest service.

      1. Oh I am so sorry Chris! I did not see your message.

        Gentlemen, use sites that charge a monthly fee!!! Or use a matchmaking service that is honest.


        (free sites!)

        (pay sites, low montly fee) (not com!) (haha!!!)

        (marriage agencies, expensive but good!)

          1. Oh yes. A long time ago. It has been over five years now. But I just want men to focus on using honest services. I am happy now. I have found love. But I see so many men on the internet, so confused about where to look for love in the international dating industry.

            The equation is simple. If a site charges you for sending letters and for having chat sessions, they are scammers.

            End of story.

        1. Yes, I agree with you…Flat fee or free is best. But I noticed most the free sites are loaded with women worse than ! …At least in Ukraine or Russia I found this is true. If not flat fee-based site you better know what you are doing. I know strategies if you want to use pay sites. Some of these are better than others…much better. My email is TIMOOSHKA@YAHOO.COM

      2. is pretty good and a fair site (based in Chicago, IL USA and governed therefore by US laws. However, Ukrainian and Russian/CIS agencies and girls still frequently cheat & steal your time and money! Perhaps 50-60% are real & sincere there…Stay away from most younger girls who are asking to chat (cost about $1 per minute) with you. Send them a letter and say, “I only write letters here.” They may write you if they like you, but most will not. Because they make almost nothing from this site with letters only. They make about 30% from chat. The girls on this site are more normal looking. However, most are still very nice, but not dripping-hot & half-naked like on, and ( Can you say: “Photoshop”? )

        Most of the Russian and Ukrainian so-called date sites are similar. I have learned that only 30% or less are sincere on these sites . These girls/women who are money and heart scammers are very professional and will completely deceive you, especially if you are “fresh meat”! :/ I earned the hard way.

        Another site where I have found real ladies is (50+/- % are sincere and real), but you have to know what to look for and I have ways that tell me how to know the difference. Some are money scammers or complete fakes (imposters) and they live to take your money! But, you can read their letters to give you some clues as to the authenticity . If you know the typical signs and ploys to look for it could be the difference between finding a true & real beautiful lady and finding a broken heart with an empty wallet.

        Sometimes the letters just keep coming like a bot…I can tell you how to know if the letters are generic “bot” letters or real from a real beauty! Older men will find that they will find a real woman who is serious to find love if she is no more than 5-10 years younger. I found a great woman who is 48. I am 56. So she is 8 years younger. Perfect!) She has advanced education, no kids to worry about and still very attractive (hot). The quality women strive to take good care of themselves! Put it this way: McDonald’s is not part of their diet! ..and they still know what exercise is! ) From either of these sites I mentioned I get over 40 letters a week. I also know how to keep your costs low and find the lady you will really want! I discovered this simple solution to finding the girl of your dreams. I have several real girls who write me once a week. Newsflash! Most real woman are busy and can’t write you 5 letters a day. One letter a week both ways is normal and a very good sign she is the real deal.

        After reading literally 1000s of letters and spending a small fortune on live chat, I am building a real, sincere and honest relationship with her. When I go to Ukraine to visit we will be like old friends. I think you and she will know if you have chemistry or not even virtually. I can tell you how to get their personal contact info. With and without breaking the ridiculous site rules. …

        But, I can help you avoid pit falls, save a small fortune and keep your heart from being broken! I now know exactly how to avoid problems, save money and find your soul mate! If you are not ready for “soul mates” yet, many are open to meet and if you like each other to travel and just date while you are there. A serious girl will not be in a big hurry. So once you find someone special take your time, meet her and enjoy her, meet her friends and family. You can stay in Ukraine up to 3 months without a problem visa free.

        Rember, the next one might be THE ONE if you don’t blow it! Write me if you would like some personal specific consulting and or advice about your specific goals or needs. I can usually also find out if a woman is real or not 80% of the time. Is she REAL and sincere OR a FAKE or Money Scammer?

        If you want to save time and money, email me. I will charge you something for my time, but my advice and help will be real . I have invested over $20,000 so far. Now I spend less than $30-$60 a month max.

        I can also tell you how to meet a lady from a site , then move to skype, viber or google hang outs , etc….

        I am getting better results now spending $30-$50 A MONTH than when I was spending $5000+ a month! …

        Yes, I learned the hard way!..

        You can see from just this information that I can help you will save time, broken hearts and money.

      3. This site also owns the international anti-scam and prostitution agency. The mesnity is thirty dollars and there may be exchanges of information. It is forbidden to ask for money and have sex tourism. I adjust her agency in the fight against scam and prostitution on the internet. I exchange information with her by email. I’ve known her for about 8 years.

    2. What cites do you consider worthy and please share your tactics to determine if a lady is authentic?
      What techniques do you use to vet authenticity?
      Some times I have tried to slip my email into a GloriaBrides letter but it gets ignored even when it is not blocked. Y the GB algorithm gate keeper.
      Thanks hoping for help from anyone.
      I’m down about $500 us and uncounted hours of time searching?
      Is this all just a pornophantasma???
      Not interested.
      Thanks to all.
      Normally my rule on internet dating is if you are not willing to go live via skype or direct voice contact I will write you off as a scammer.
      I have one girl who I’m interested in on GB and she told me she fears being banned if she contacted me by email. But who would know.
      I’m smelling a Vlad rat.
      Or who knows a hairy backed monkey man from west Africa.
      Seen about a trillion of those monkey men posers.

    3. Yes, that is exactly what I experienced. I can tell you this in addition and you can find out for yourself. I would say about 99% of these profiles are fake. Just copy a photo and do a search either on google or Use google translate and copy to address bar in Russian when using . Many of these women are not the women in the profiles but the women they portray are mostly from Russia and are professional models or prostitutes.
      I felt like all of you, that their just seemed to be something off about this site. I like many of you sent a lot of money on this site. These women are paid to create a fake site and get paid per hour and also per letter. My heart goes out to these women because most of them are very poor and just need a job to stay alive. For the protection of those who gave me the information I don’t want to reveal how I know the details . But I could tell you a lot more about this site.
      My advice is just stay away and keep your money.
      You can also find some of these real women that these profiles are made from at which is the Social Media Russian, Ukraine Facebook. Here are two women portrayed on Gloriabrides so you know I’m telling the truth. and
      If you look at the profile on Gloriabrides you can see that the first woman is not from the Ukraine but Russia and is very successful. You can also find these two on youtube.
      Hope this helps and saves you money and heart break.

  5. I currently have made a list of confirmed fake profiles on the two ladies I did chat with on do not even know me, as I found out their reals names and tried to contact them. These are ladies that if they were real they would know me well. Most of these ladies are models who have had their photo stolen from other sites such as modeling agency sites, etc. They are not even on any date sites and are usually shocked to find out. I can confirm that a lady is absolutely fake. It is sometimes more difficult to prove they are real. If they will not meet you off the site or are not willing too, they are either not real or you are just a few dollars an hour to them, while the site and agencies make the big bucks. These agencies and PPL sites are 99% scammers.

  6. The best way to combat sites like Anastasiadate is to say you are not interested in chat or video chat and only interested in meeting for real, in your profile and see how many girls reply via letter. Whatever you do – do not use the chat.
    Watch how they no-longer pop up to chat with you mmmmm……. amazing

  7. Great site I’m on this site met a girl
    I flew to her in Ukraine, I think i fell in love 🙂
    Now I’m waiting her visit We are waiting for a visa.
    perhaps you were rude or you just do not couple
    Goldenbride is good site I recommend

      1. goldenbride has also change the chat close time, now it is in that way, if you chat one minute and close chat and log out, if you then log in again 8 minute laiter and start and chat again, then you pay for all the time you where log out, because the chat is still counting credit in 10 minute after you close it, in two days I make 3 chat’s of one minute ect and golden bride take 18 credit for 3 minute chat because the chat has 10 minute close time before it stop count credit

    1. Pro100pk2 is a liar. He works for the scam industry. Goldenbride is a filthy disgusting site filled with married women, women with boyfriends and all kinds of scammer whores.

      STAY AWAY!!!

    2. The only girl I communicated with there cost me $750 and I found her on too. I said hello. She asked me on Anastasia , “Where have you been?”..The same girl was two girls and the one on turned out to be a 100% fraud! (the site manager I spoke with on A-D. said all their girls are verified. Another huge lie! The site manager from G-B said I would be refunded the money. I never was. When I called them out on about her, they confronted her and she “blew up” on the manger from this site..This is what the manger told me anyway. This “girl of mine” refused to come in and verify her ID or passport with photo and personal appearance at her local agency. Once the site is caught, they act all noble. Like most of these sites, they are mafia owned (by Anastasia) They say they are not affiliated with Gloria or Anastasia sites but THEY ARE!
      THEY LIE!
      This guy is a plant. Bullshit site.

  8. Thank you everyone for your posts. I was on Anastasia date and it was just getting ridicules on the amount of money they ask for their service. But I had been talking “chatting” with one girl. I had gone through the presses – letters- gifts(so I can send her my email address) so on so on….. Out of curiosity I looked at goldenbride! Guess who was there too!!!! The woman of my dreams had an account there to!!! Lol!
    So when I register at golden I did not load any of my info. She tried to contact me!! On Anastasia she had nice respectable pictures, but on goldenbride she had pictures of her almost naked!!!!! Man I was pissed! I send her a email asking her about it! I also confronted her in chat!! I send a letter to the admin on goldenbride. They never did anything!! When I do go on the site she is still there with her green bar on to invite to chat!!
    So yes goldenbride is full of scammers!!! I learn it the hard way! I guess Anastasia too! Because she is on both site. Lol.

  9. I have just spent the last three years dating the same woman on Anastasiadate, we exchanged letters went on chat and then we met, we exchanged email addresses and wrote everyday, I visited her six times over the next year, we became close or so I thought. She was a religious woman and wanted to remain a virgin until married, I respected this and did not push her, I was due to visit her and propose to marry, then I received the emails that she had bee exchanging with an American guy, I contacted him and like me he was oblivious to fact she had another man.
    We both cut ties with her but both of us had spent many thousands on trips to her and buying her clothes and gifts, all I can say is that some of these women do this as their job, they do not look for love or a husband, they look for men who believe that somewhere is a woman who is true, not women who use your heart to get what they want, it is a sad fact most just want your money

    1. Terry, you learned a very important lesson.


      Ukrainian women who are honest, do not play with you. Sex is a very important part of a relationship with them. Do not be surprised if you have sex with your Ukrainian lady on the first or second date. That is normal.

      But if you have gotten to the third day with no intimacy, then you are not in a relationship period. Ukrainian women don’t keep men around as friends. You are either intimate or just a casual acquaintance. You won’t find many Ukrainian women in long friendships with men.

      That is not an aspect of their culture.


      If you want to do that whole chivalry thing of waiting three years for sex, try a different culture.

      I suggest an Asian one.

  10. I joined gloriabrides and immediately was bombarded by all of these hotties who just had to talk to a 50+ yo man. I had searched for a a lady close to my age but only 19 – 24 yo’s messaged. I bought only 150.00 worth of ‘coins’ and cancelled my card after I figured out the scam. I found the same ‘lady’ on the same site. Different outfit and hair style. An odd thing occurred as I confronted a different gal who messaged me and stated she knew the girl I was chatting with. They were in competition, so obviously they work in a office or sweat shop environment. After I had sent her an accusing message explaining her scam, my drafts section was invaded and erased [ I was going to use my last couple ‘coins’ to tell whoever to burn in hell and get at the least that satisfaction ] so I replaced my profile picture with a picture of a monkey. The best part I feel is I just now canceled my card so these scammers cannot get any more money out of my ignorant ass. Lesson learned. I feel bad for those who have chatted for years and actually visited these con artists and been plundered.

    1. I was wanting to ask David of his experience with the culture on Ukraine woman pertaining to sex? I have experienced the exact opposite with many woman in Ukraine and they are in no hurry on the subject from my adventures there.

      1. Sorry for my late response Pat. I have dated honest, loving, beautiful Ukrainian women for years. And yes, sex is very important to serious women. To women who are not serious or trying to scam you, sex is the last thing on their minds.

        But if you are in a serious relationship with an Ukrainian woman, sex will be important early. I have never experienced anything different. Now I am not saying there are no exceptions. I am sure many Ukrainian women want some other type of intimacy beforehand. I did meet one woman where it was more important to cuddle and talk. She liked just sitting for hours alone in each other’s arms while we talked about life, politics, or love.

        But I remember one lady, we talked for a month before our meeting on facebook. I was flying over and I told her we could stay in separate hotel rooms and take things slowly. And she was against that. 🙂

        It varies. But one thing I will say is this. If you have no intimacy after three days. Your lady has not held your hand, hugged you close, or kissed you. If you do not know your lady’s last name. You don’t know her family or friends and you do not know where she lives. If this woman is still a complete cold stranger after three days, get the hell out of there!!!!

        You are being handled and she could be setting you up.

  11. you mentioned that there was a way you could get their real contact information. Culd you please help me?I am on both services. Gloria brides and AnastasiDate and feel that there is something interesting going on

    1. JG???

      You cannot get contact info at a scam site like Gloriabrides and Anastasiadate. And if you are at these sites looking at scammer whores, I guarantee you there is something else going on. Please delete your account and use an honest service.

  12. A great resource everyone. You can image search women here. Just upload your photos to this utility and it will search for the lady on But again leave all pay by letter sites. If you are trying to track down a woman at a scam site, it is simply hopeless. She does not want you. She was always paid to talk to you. The only revenge you can find for yourself is in the destruction of this disgusting industry.

    We use these utilities to find vk accounts for the women who are married and have boyfriends.

    Please download all incriminating pics and photos!!!! You can bet if the scammer finds out you have seen her profile, she will remove them. And we need those photos for evidence!!!!

    1. oh my god what a scam , totally taken by the worm on the hook. how naïve we are . I can ‘t believe in this day and age that people can so easily do these things and get away so easily with it . all I want to do is make somebody happy , all they want is your money. there is something more that should be done to stop these people , why not much is done I don’t understand. this is like legite scamming , wow what else will they be coming up with next , this really gives a bad name to the internet, well I guess scammers have always existed , exist , and will always continue to exist. well they got me once but never again , like the old saying goes, fool me once shame on you , fool me twice shame on me . well what I can say with my experience , from now on my guard will always be up , and my defence system always activated when on the internet. for some people the internet is just a tool to fuck people. this is the best advice I can give for people who have been scammed by the scammers, and maybe they can be run down back into that hole of hell where they came from, and if not as the other saying goes , the time is nigh , and my name is john , I am not he but the one that comes before the holy one , and he who comes after me will cleanse the earth of these evil parasites who inhabit the earth , and he will cleanse with fire , for when I left I left as a lamb but when I return I will return as a lion.

  13. I do not understand all you people!! You are so pissed because you should pay for such service??? So why are you registering there????If you are not interested in it!!!I really do not understand!! Yes I am working at the agency and help the women to find their love! And all they are involved in the process!! But you men are very mean!!!Because when you start a chat all you want to see it’s just a naked woman!!!! So stop be so good and honest here!!If you are interested in a woman you should fight for her!

    1. You are not offering the service men are ready to pay for. All your girls have nothing else to offer but to show their naked body for money. They are not interested in finding a good man because they work on your site and earn commission from the money men spend to communicate with them. Stop misleading everyone and admit that your site is nothing more but a sex-chat.

    2. Oh stop lying “Tetiana”. This nothing but a business for you. Your sites show naked women because you think it will keep Stupid American Men at the site paying you money. It is time for all Western Men to abandon these disgusting websites. All you have in your portfolio are scammer whores. They are not capable of love. They can only get naked and dance around for money. If men want real relationships, if men want to meet real Ukrainian women, they must abandon all pay by letter sites and use ones where they can meet women who are actually serious. I hope your disgusting website burn to the ground. I know most slavic people do not believe in Karma. But you need to be careful about spreading lies, despair and misery.

      With so much negativity in the universe, it will find its way back to you.

      It is something that even a five year old can understand.

    3. WTF??? Madam, this is about lying and cheating. These websites do not help anyone find love. Neither do the agencies that work for them. It is time for this industry to be destroy. All men must start to use honest services and meet honest women.

    4. Hello guys !
      Not sure if all profiles a fake. But my experience, minimum 50% and mostly all those „model-girls“. For example Ekaterina Zueva ID 693998 from Moscow. Check this name on Instagram and on the dating site. Let’s see if she change her profile, because she are pregnant. But she always told me to be a virgin. But now I understand my Mom, when she talk about flowers and bees. Well, once I met a girl from this site in Odessa but as you see, still single. And she wasn’t a model. Prostitute on this site!? Yes, I met one in Nice.

  14. All right, I will tell you some of my experiences, and comments about
    I was thinking about how to continue end of 2015, early 2016, and briefly tried it on goldenbride, along with another site,
    Until last year, I was registered on ‘’ but that year (2015) and this year I had more and more problems. I don’t mean the standard issues of long distance dating, which are for example that liking someone in pictures and in letters, does not mean there is a real connection when meeting, as I experienced, but I mean that most of the problems were caused by bad agencies.

    I see many of the same profiles on goldenbride as on other sites and so it seems most sites use the same local agencies. The problem is there, the agencies. I’ve been screwed too many times by them, with:

    – fake profiles, i.e. for which ladies in the pictures didn’t write
    (e.g. ‘Orchid agency’, in Sumy / ‘Green line agency’, in Kharkov /
    ‘Paradise agency’ in Kiev / Not sure the name, but and, with office manager supposedly Michael but in reality a Suleyman, I can look up his complete name, I know his vk page, he has profiles of ladies who don’t know their pictures/data are being used, and then some ladies who do seem work with him/that agency, which I experienced in Cherkassy and the
    translator whom I used there, recommended I quit on the dating site and she left that agency because of their antics…)

    – recently agencies tried to even not make me meet a lady (‘credo agency’, Kharkov, I went around them and found her vk page, asked why she didn’t want to meet, she then told me that she did want to meet and she told me more of the things that this agency did…), and another turned the lady whom I did meet via them, against me after I wanted to meet without translator further, as I speak enough Russian. They warned
    her what could happen if she meets me without meeting more times with interpreter (‘premium date’ in Kharkov). I was annoyed about that, then they suggested I need not go with an interpreter, but a body guard.
    WTF?! As if I am some criminal from whom this lady needs to be protected! This was so absurd, almost unbelievable.

    There is much more…

    I will give some examples of profiles on your site, which are fake:

    – On 16 Feb. I got an email about new profiles, with Anastasya, age 19 from Kherson. I had corresponded with someone who used her pictures on, in 2015, but it was not the real Anastasia Lopatina, and she wrote on her vk page that she had a love, with pictures etc. So Russianlovematch removed her profile, and then some
    months later her profile appeared on goldenbride.

    Some dating agencies use profiles without ladies knowing it, as I also experienced. I presume they get the passport data from a modelling agency, if so they work with such modelling agencies. Otherwise some ladies allow their data to be used for money which I have experienced too.

    – Tatiana, wrote a letter 14 Jan. 2016 “Subject: why a man like you still have one?”

    This is Tanyusha Dryga ( ), whom I know from long ago (on a different site), and last year I asked her about her profile on and she said it was not her… She said she asked the site to remove that profile, and I saw it was removed. But then on 14 January I received the email with new letters, in which was quoted her title of the letter that ‘she’ wrote. I asked the real Tanyusha about it, and she said she didn’t write me. I don’t know if she plays along with some agency to make money, or if that agency used her
    data again.


    To validate ladies/a profile, just passport data is not enough as once an agency has the passport data, they can use it where that lady didn’t want it to be used. Some sites use video recording where a lady states she is seriously looking for a partner, but this doesn’t remove the problems I’ve had of ladies working with agencies, willingly letting their data/pictures be used.

    This is why in the end, after a few letters with one lady who is quite interesting, I decided not to continue as I can’t be sure of anything.

    I tried to make it work a long time, wondered if other sites would be better, and after quitting the other site that I tried more seriously with but failed, I decided that the chances are just too high, also with your site, that I would have the same experiences again. Age of ladies also doesn’t guide whether the profiles are real, though with ladies of say 18-20 it’s more likely they are not serious (I mean that they are working with an agency, not looking for love)

    My conclusion was to stop and try it via VK and/or while travelling in Ukraine. I’ve done that and it’s also not easy, but it is less frustrating than on a dating site.

    It is difficult to prevent the problems that I’ve experienced, as:

    – some ladies are real but the agencies interfere,
    – some ladies are real and agencies are helpful,
    – some ladies are real but not in fact interested in meeting anyone and they work with the agencies to make money,
    – some ladies are not at all writing themselves and not on the site, and don’t know their data/pictures are being used.

    It’s impossible to know which is the case…

    The way these agencies and some ladies behave is almost certainly influenced by the economic problems in Ukraine, and perhaps this is also why after 2014 I experienced so much more problems, as the economic problems became greater. In a sense I can understand the people in these agencies, that they feel men from outside Ukraine can afford it, but I’ve been wasting my time, I’m still single, and they are playing with my feelings too, which is unacceptable. To improve on this situation, that is likely very difficult. Perhaps the only way
    forward is to eliminate the local agencies and directly recruite ladies for the site.

  15. I am Brazilian and I am dating sites Russia and Ukraine just over 8 years. We are stolen on many sites like Jamp4love, Anastasiadate, charmingdate, Gloriadate and others. Many explore sex tourism like the UAdreans and know affiliate UDLadys. Especially the UAdreams that invite us in a package tourism around $ 5 thousand. Airfare, hotel, transfer, restaurant, translator for accompaniment to the couple and etc. They say they go to Ukraine to visit my “lady” or go to choose one of several girls. In a testimonial of an American user he reports the good service received by the package offered and still this man wrote that he has been to this package 6 times. My God 6 times? Just go once and bring your beloved is not to be so? This same site charges around $ 80 for an hour in the chat and they use Skype that does not charge anything because it is from Microsoft. Between the man and the woman becomes a translator. The girl stands in front of the cam chewing gum like a mummy. I provide information to the international anti-scam and prostitution agency based in Brussels. The owner of it also owns or associates the date 1Russianbride, but this site is extremely honest. I did a Google search on prostitution of the girls from the former CCCP and read that in Germany alone there are around 400 thousand prostitutes coming from the CCCP and most girls from Russia and Ukraine. 1600 prostitutes acting in Israel maintained by the Russian mafia and the same and equal in Switzerland. In the rest of the world I do not know. The biggest sex-writing traffickers are Romania and Bulgaria and in Brazil we have the Spaniards acting here in this traffic. I know a lot more than I reported on these sites that use Slavas girls a lot. Many of these websites come from a translation agency as scam and they are sophisticated and they are what they are today. Many of these sites are dirty money laundering. In social networks is a good place for our complaint and written media, TV

  16. Hello, I hope my letter does not disturb you.

    Several questions and a story. It will not take long to read this …

    Do men from the outside really think that Russian and Ukrainian women are cheap?

    I corresponded for about a year with a man I liked a lot. Finally he came to my town and we met at the hotel restaurant where he stayed. I know English a little and he knew some Russian so it was not a problem to communicate with each other. But in reality he seemed to behave in a different way … He was talking only about money, how much he has, how much his future wife will have and he said that women in Ukraine are cheap so he can buy any woman That he likes But he wants me and I should be happy. I could not believe my own ears. He looked like someone else in reality. After dinner he said that I should go to his room and spend the night with him. Yes, he said – you should. He said he paid for the trip and also for dinner, so I have no other way. He also mentioned that if I am good in bed he will stay longer and if not he will go to another town where there is another lady waiting for him. After a year of serious communication he started telling me these things … Do you think it’s normal? I gave him money to pay for dinner and I left. I felt dirty after this meeting.

    I wonder if it is a common opinion about our women being cheap … Men go to Ukraine just like sex tourists? I can not believe it … But my own story is sad.

    I thought the men from the outside are much more serious and seek a sincere relationship. I was wrong? What is your opinion?

    Yours sincerely,


    1. Liza, I don’t know what to say. I mean, if you are at an honest dating site, why use more discretion in the men you choose to date? You are an adult woman, you know how to tell a man that you do not want sex on the first few days. You can tell him, that you wish to know him better first. Me and my lady talked openly and honest about sex before I came. We agreed to spend the first week together in an apartment. We were adults in our conversations, we know what to expect in our first meeting. But you didn’t seem to be able to communicate that with your man. And the only person you can blame is you.

      I would say if you are a real person, you can try an honest site like In your profile, state you do not want to have sex early on. That an emotional connection is more important.

      I am sure you will meet many adult men who will agree to your terms. But finding love is difficult. I am sure it will take many meetings to find the right man.

      But in answer to your question, on the whole, I would say most men do not think of Russian/Ukrainian women as cheap. The date scam industry however is making a very bad reputation for slavic women. It is something I fight against everyday.

      So I have a question for you.

      Will you join us?

  17. 95% percent of GloriaDate’s profile is fake. As an example the same photos and two very different identities, such as country and personal data. The false ID and its two IDs: Ekaterina’s profile, ID: 693998 and
    Anastasia’s profile, ID: 698984

    Moreover, my various complains do not answer me. I think we should take a step back, one of them is to report to FaceBoook where these sites make their post. Do not have laws where those sites post your home address? Usually they use the United States. On the page of these sites on facebook I comment negatively on them.

    1. Good idea Marcus. It is always great to post fake or scam profiles to social networks and spread the word as much as possible. Complaining to scam sites only helps them to perpetuate the scams. We have to out these sites and out this industry. We have to show men the truth so they can make good decisions about dating resources.

      Of course, there will always be many Stupid American Men who will use scam services anyway. But we cannot help them. They are beyond help.

      1. Hello David Brunner.

        My facebook is Marcus Dias and we can unite in the fight against these site. Over 8 years I fight against them. It all started with Ukrainian translation agencies and they will get sophisticated to get to these site. It is not difficult our fight against them but simply unite and go the fight in a form of a site formed by us. It even has scam with photos and real ID and lots of stolen photos. Then I’ll post a Skype chat with a jamp4love site scam how chat theft works. A chat profile is not just one person but several people. This scam called the cam and I saw several girls in a large room and all in front of a computer. I have dozens of letters via email but all with stolen photos on the internet. We can even form an honest date website and my idea has been forming for years. I believe my site might be the best or one of the best in the world. My idea has no other in the world. I’m sorry for my English because I use the translator. I’m Brazilian, I hug, Marcus Dias

  18.  I’m being robbed in the chat. I write but the girls tell me that my text is not seen. I want all my money spent on chat. I have girls from this site who can be my witness in court. These girls are not the scammres of the site. I do not live in Ukraine and there are laws in the United States where this site posts its address. I am not the only man to complain of false-theft. I and dozens of other men clients of this site we join and we will take the necessary measures. Do you know how to castrate a woman and a man? Do you think we clients are idiots? It’s been over 8 years since I’ve exchanged letters with many influential people in Russia. You son of a bitch, it’s not going to be hard to find who’s who on this site. My letters are filled with many things that I write and nothing against any exchange of information. I have already filed a legal action against Anastaciadate worth 20 million euros and you will not be for less. I’ll report the site on facebook. Anti-scam and prostitution interagency agency and in the anti-theft interagency agency on the internet america.

  19. Thieves and prostitutes Use the feelings of others to get money illegally. They use fake profiles. They are so poor of intelligence that they use a same scam that they come in the chat with 4 fake profiles at the same time and they stay in this round. Already denunciel this gang of sterlinger to FaceBook. This is the profile of at ..95% of the profile of, They are fake, they steal pictures on the internet from other sites and use them in fake profile. Steal even in chat time

    21/agosto /2017

  20. I have been on this site for a while and I have no other option
    than to believe it is a total scam. So to get these ladies back at their own game, I suggest the following. (1) Register and set up your profile to find the love of your life. 2) Register again and set up your profile using another photo and I slightly different description of your wishes for a partner; – or register another profile without a photo, nor any description of what your desires) – you can use the same e-mail address as the ladies do not have this information and cannot see if it is the same person, they only see your profile and do not know anything else; – then watch the space you have created. Do not be surprised if the lady wants to chat with you without any photo or any description about yourself. In my instance I registered a new 2nd account on a friend of mines name with no photo, and no description of the type of lady I would want to meet at 12:30 pm in the afternoon. You will understand my surprise when this ladies chat read the following – Hello xyz “this morning when I woke up, the first thing on my mind was you”) – now keep in mind – the time in my country and the ladies country falls within the same timeframe 1) I registered in the afternoon of that day, so how was it possible for her to wake up on the same morning with me in her mind as I only registered in the afternoon? – so now I took it one step further. After our chat when I go to bed and she said she was going to bed also, I activate my second profile “without any photo or detail as to my choice of lady” and the same lady that said she is now off to bed, wants to chat with me – “having no photo or description of me as a person” and she even sends me a photo of herself which matches her face on my 1st profile, but a photo she never sent to me before. Now whilst playing true to me on my original profile, I download this new picture of hers rom my second profile with the following comment – “I see you are traveling far and wide” as a business colleague of mine in my country showed me a picture of this girl he is going to marry in the Ukraine – see attached photo” and he told me how he wined and dined you when he met with you in your country and he told me all about dating Ukrainian woman! Do I need to explain that she disappeared and her chat request was no more either! So the moral of the story is; – looking at the lady herself, and being no one of the thousands of ladies on Gloria Brides, you would expect her to be of character, but let me tell you what is happening on these Ukrainian and Russian sites right now. Look at the ID numbers of new lady registrations on a site and compare it to a new registration ID. You will find that some of the top 1000 ladies have been on this site for longer than 4 yrs and more, so my deduction from this is the following; – many of these woman has found their loved ones years ago, but because it is profitable for them, they work from home with the consent of their husbands/boyfriends or pimps, they subsidise their income for a better lifestyle taking us men as fools. Many of these ladies I have befriended over time as we chat as friend now and again, but the only tip off I have received form some of then is – xyz be careful about these ladies on the site. My advice to all of you; – write her one letter with a full description of yourself and your abilities, explaining all you want to her to know about yourself, then wait for her reply. Then answer to her reply and immediately ask her to o n private mail with her (which she will refuse, saying she need to get to know you better and then also tell her in this letter that you give her permission to ask her agency for your personal e-mail address, also say that if she is serious she can phone you using the agencies translation services, and that the agency can debit you for this call form her by deducting coins from your account which you have ready foe use. After this you will hear all her excuses, but ignore all and say to her you leave the door open to her if she really wants you in her life. You as well as I know exactly what will happen after this, she will either disappear and you will immediately find her on your second registration profile – nice hunting lads, they all but a few is screwing us dry!!!

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