Gorbenko, Viktoria

Gorbenko, Viktoria – Yuzhnyy, Ukraine

First name: Viktoria (aka Victoria)
Last name: Gorbenko
Born: May 5, 1970
Location(s): Yuzhnyy (Ukraine)
Passport #: MN436390
Operates on site(s): anastasiadate.com, AnastasiaDate ID: 1768128
Scammed Allan for $1250, money were sent to Anastasia Usova‘s name (so called daughter of Viktoria Gorbenko)

I`d like to report lady by name Viktoria Gorbenko. Passport MN436390 / Birth Date: May 5, 1970. AnastasiaDate ID: 1768128
We met 6 months ago on Anastasiadate website. Viktoria seemed to be sweet and loving lady. What surprised me first that her English is far from advanced (that is written in her profile on site). She was initiator of communication outside site. She gave me her email in chat and phone. When we wrote to each other she was making lot of mistakes in sentences. I guess she lies about her English knowledge to attract more stupid men like me (((
We spoke for few months and she said she wanted to meet me and she needs money for tickets. I sent her 1250 USD for travel expenses and money she wanted to leave for her mother. After she got the money she seems to be getting ready for trip to me, but later on she said she had credit in bank and can`t go. She said she could pay half and if I cans end her half of the money. She asked 800 USD on her daughter`s name Anastasia Usova.
I think I was stupid or in love (((( I sent her money and I`ve never heard back from her. I also reported her to Anastasiadate manager and they said would run investigation on her name.
I also called Western Union to report her and her daughter. They replied me that there were many transactions from different countries made on Anastasia Usova name. And all transactions were picked in Kharkov city but her profile says she is in Yuzhnyy.
I guess I`m sorry to admit that I`ve become a victim of cruel scam and fraud.


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