Hubedzheva, Margarita

Hubedzheva, Margarita – Kiev, Ukraine

First name: Margarita (Margo)
Last name: Hubedzheva (Khybedzeva)
Born: November 20, 1992
Location(s): Kiev (Ukraine)
Phone number(s): +38 096 1628317
Address: Drahomanova, 25/58, Kiev, Ukraine
Operates on site(s):
Reported for: porn model, earns money for chatting with men on dating sites



16 thoughts on “Hubedzheva, Margarita”

  1. Why did you decide I’m a scam and a porn model?! Using your stupid silly logic any sexy girl who owns nude pictures is possible to be here lol this site even does not have an administrator who replies messages. I tried to contact them and still waiting my reply already a whole month lol It’s for complete losers who complain about their bloody money istead of trying to find a good woman. And reading strange rules ‘why you should report scam’ made me laugh to death)))

    P.S. Where you saw porn viewing my pictures? it’s just a nice erotic, silly)

        1. I see admin here has as low IQ as other users if he makes so silly comments.

          ok, Veritas, dear, that I have nude pics with the ladies should not mean I’m a lesbian. Ok, and you say you KNOW for 100% I have ever had sex with the photographers I worked with, maybe can you prove it? If you can not so for me you are one of those who like creating Yellow press. Have a good luck! I’m not a scammer and met with a various men from the websites. If you and admin were not in this list, so for me you probably were losers. Good luck for both!

          1. I’m sure all porn models have a very high IQ level 😉
            It’s good you are not a lesbian and probably don’t have sex with every photographer you worked with.
            This article was placed on our site to warn men that you are a porn model. I’m sure you don’t know,
            but most men are not looking for a porn model when they join a dating site.
            Not many men would agree to date a woman that shows her pussy to everyone around.

  2. “I’m sure all porn models have a very high IQ level 😉”
    Not sure that comment was necessary Admin?

    Anyway , to be fair here, don’t see any evidence that she has lied or scammed anyone? Guy’s just saying “I KNOW” is purely anecdotal .
    I don’t have a dog in this fight by the way, never written to her but her photos look familiar to me.
    As for her doing nude work, so what, reverse google every photo before you write to a lady, then if you see something you don’t like, don’t write her. Or ask about what she does for a living, then if she lies, call her out on it.
    If she tells you the truth, then maybe she is worth pursing regardless of her work.
    Just saying my piece, not trying to upset anyone.
    Good Luck guy’s and thanks for your efforts in assisting folks Admin.

  3. “I’m sure all porn models have a very high IQ level 😉”
    Not sure that comment was called for Admin?

    Tried posting this already but wasn’t registered, hopefully it doesn’t come on twice :).

    I see nothing here to tell me she has lied or scammed anyone?
    Nothing but anecdotal evidence? and one guy saying “I KNOW”?

    If the Lady earns her living doing nudes, so what, move on?
    Surely you must have reverse googled her pictures first before contacting her?
    Then you see what she does for work and you ask her the question, no?
    If she lies, move on, if she tells the truth then, maybe she would be worth pursuing, unless you find her job objectionable of course.

    I have seen her pictures before I think, never spoken to her, so I have no dog in this fight, just playing devil’s advocate I hope.
    I know that people get emotionally involved and can say things they wouldn’t normally say.

    Anyway good luck guy’s and to Admin, I am sure we all appreciate your efforts with this site, thank you.

  4. My fellow Americans,…please use “Facial Recognition Technology” (or image recognition) EVERY TIME before you talk to ANY lady. I know I do! I have uncover 5 scammers using models photos and pictures from Use the free one’s like: (hit “image”) or “Google image”…..good luck guys!

    1. Michael, the important thing to understand is that the sites are the real scam.


      Because scammer whores would lose their employment. Please stop using Anastasidate, Uadreams, Romance Compass, and Jump4love. Use,,,, etc. Use cheap sites, pay no more than 60 bucks a month.

  5. She is in jump4love website. Here is a latest reply when i asked if she can visit me.

    My Darling,
    Thanks for a really fast replay and your kind words.
    You tell you want me (or some other girl) visit you 21-26 December. Honey, I think it is impossible. Just applying for the visa will get several weeks, even a month. So I physically will not be able to come to you at that time, and if any girls says she will and can, I am sorry but there is not truth.

    I am still in Istambul, I will come back next week. Then I will have to get the documents for the visa.

    Yes, i have met several men from this site. It was really great, it is much more better than chatting and writing the letters cause you can see the person, talk to her, feel her. That`s why i am oriented for the meeting.

    Can you please tell me why is that not possible for you to come to Ukraine? I think you can meet there several ladies you like and talk to. Does your work not allow this to you, Honey?

    I hope you have a nice weekend,

  6. Really I don’t see any scam here. I see only sophisticated nude photos of her… I didn’t find that she asked some money. She earn money by herself making nude photos and so what… The statement and speculation that she has sex with photographers is nothing more but ridiculous. I didn’t see even that she has boyfriend. She can legitimately search for husband using dating sites…

    1. Just an FYI ,she does have a boyfriend .

      His name is Anton Antoschuk you will find him on VK and Facebook and also Instagram .

      She also runs many date sites at the same time.
      So if she is chatting with you check the other sites.

      1. Jump 4 Love ID# 333642

      2. Russian Brides ID# 1695174

      3. VK

      4. Facebook

      5. Instagram (Imgrum)

      6. Amazing Women ID# 77248

      7. All Tver Ladies ID#37589

      8. unmatched ID#2263

      9. Army of Brides ID#77248

      10 One wife ID#37589

      11. Dolceindi ID#011105

      12. Russian brides in bikini

      13. 1 in million ID# 77248

      14. TSUNAMI of love ID#77248

      15. English City Meeting ID#77248

      16. Pinerest(Lovedistaancedate) Margo

      17. Merry Cherry (SOFT$TIFRESS’s)

      18. Q dating Rita (Profile ID: C732999)

    2. Dejan, you are either a rep from a scam agency or you are a delusional psychotic. Every man reading this has to understand, scam agencies in Ukraine will come to review sites or pages like these and post fake reviews or try to challenge facts and logic.

      She scammer whore is at every scam site imaginable making money fooling stupid men into chatting, sending gifts, and writing emails. LEAVE ALL SCAM SITES!

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