Karina Vardanyan

Karina Vardanyan – Kharkiv , Ukraine

First name: Karina
Last name: Vardanyan (Verdanyan)
Born: July 18, 1990
Location(s): Kharkiv (Ukraine)
Phone number(s): +38(063)368-09-02
Address: Podedy str., 51/44, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Email: karina_vardanian@mail.ru
Operates on site(s): anastasiadate.com, dream-marriage.com
Reported for: Porn model working on dating sites, WU scam

Report #1
from Derek (Canada)
On 16th of January, 2012 I has sent her $110 Canadian dollars ( it was about $104 US dollars) for making passport, never heard of her since then.
MTCN number: 8982234852

Karina’s porn videos:





One thought on “Karina Vardanyan”

  1. I’ve known her since 2009. We met on Dream Marriage, and I did go to Kharkov in 2010 to meet her. At this time I realized something wasn’t right, confronted her about it, and got her kicked off the site. We made up, tried to get things straight, but it didn’t happen. She has lost her mind in my opinion. Too bad… she was funny, intelligent, and well educated. I warned her about this kind of stuff back then.

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