Klimco, Katya – Rovenki, Ukraine

Klimco, Katya – Rovenki, Ukraine

First name: Katya
Last name: Klimco
Aka: Katya Klimco,  Klimco Katya, Katya Klimko, Katia Klimko
Born: September 14, 1992
Location(s): Rovenki, Lugansk region (Ukraine)
Address(es): Shakhterskiy block 28/51
Phone number(s): +380664493230
E-mail address(es): klimko.katya@list.ru
Operates on site(s): bride-forever.com,  dream-marriage.com, http://escort-fr.com/view/profile/10229

Report #1 (Frederick)

In my opinion this girl is a confirmed “Scammer”.

Screenshot of Katya’s webcam (year 2017)

She has asked me for $ 1000, (One thousand dollars ) to pay the rent on her apartment , To buy food and winter clothes,
She maintains her mother is starving with no work  in another town and is prevented from having contact by the Russian  military,
She does live in an expensive apartment but claims it too poor to accept visitors.
She is now  living in Kiev and not the town advertised.

She does not know her bank details but wants me to send money by Western union.

I can confirm all of her scam moves, I am a “police officer, Militsia “.
I intend to find this girl and prosecute

Report #2 (Peter)

She indicated
poverty and had been told she would be removed from her appartment within 24 hours, this would be on saturday .
I offerer her the amount of 1200 hryvnia  to her bank account, She did not know the details but i could send by Western union, In a following letter she needed  ( 1,000 ) One thousand dollars and asked me to supply. I told her i could not at this time, All communication ceased for the rest of that day,
I confirm the girl/person using her photos for deception and fraud.

93 thoughts on “Klimco, Katya – Rovenki, Ukraine”

  1. I don’t know you. I never use this site. So I never asked you about money.
    Please if u read it send letter to this site and tell them that somebody take my information.
    Because I never registered on this site. Thanks.

        THANK YOU

        1. That is my Katya, we’ve been engaged for 2 years, and
          she has no children!! Yes, the negative comments do
          need to come down!!

          Thank you

          1. If so why is she living with me here,with me in ohio? You have anything to say about that Jimmy?

          2. Jimmy boy you are full of shit. Maybe you need to find out who you really engaged to it might be some dude in the dresser talk with you on that website

          3. check out the screenshot of Katya’s web-cam, I added it to the post. The screenshot was taken this year (2017). I really hope that she wasn’t in your bedroom when she was chatting with men))

    1. I never used this site like Anastasia
      Please send complain to this site. It’s not me.
      And guys, I never asked your money.
      Because I don’t know who you are.

      1. ???? Why should we complain to the site? If the site is using your photos illegally, then tell them. It isn’t about our fault a scammer is using your pictures. By the way, don’t think we believe you. But if you have a reputation to protect, you need to start fighting against sites who use your pictures.

  2. Possibly living in USA or England. USA authorities have been notified. Has blonde hair. Also working as a adult cam model or cam ho.

  3. You are so full of crap Ronnie I can smell it from here,
    Don’t you think I haven’t cam chatted with her and
    have seen her online time difference??? Ohio, give
    me a break ha ha ha, I needed a good joke today!!!

  4. Thank you for the screen shot guys, it proves a point
    that I’ve been trying to make for a while now!!
    Ohio huh, ha ha ha ha!!

  5. I don’t know what these two are on about, clearly disillusioned.
    I have just spent the last eight months living in Kiev and this is where she resides.
    This girl and her friends have no remorse for the parasitic lifestyle they live. Have seen them out in a social scene only three weeks ago.
    Unfortunately when the European union opens for Ukraine, with the good apples also go the bad.
    Avoid these so called dating sites and report and expose them on sites such as report-scam. It is this information that they cannot control and it aggravates them to no end. When foreign agencies carry out background checks it is this that will cast doubt their character and will continue to do so.

  6. Just to make it clear… you say that she is a scammer/prostitute, yes? She works for Solo Eastravel during day and she does sex tour !!
    You mean that she have sex with many men that pAY HER FOR SEX INTERCOURSES, RIGHT?
    And Drahomanova ST., 1A – 02068 Kiyv is not her address but a apartment that her and her friend Maria Martskaya use for have sex with clients, yes?
    I’ve talked to her many times (even not more than 5 minutes ago!) through phone number +380 508 31 09 54…
    Her real address is St. Prorizna, 10… her mother lives in Kiyv too, not anymore in Rovenky, yes?
    There is anyway we can talk? given you obviously know very well her and what she does(((
    I’m in connection with her in this period of time and she wants come in Italy to me in middle July!!
    I need to know the truth!!
    Hope you can gently help me!!
    Doc. Nicola Mansani

    1. They are all full of shot. This is all because someone is mad at her. She is not a prostitute. She is not an escort. This stuff is all stolen and made up. Her page and Maria’s on VK was stolen. VK IS BANNED IN UKRAINE. It has been since Russia invaded Ukraine and took Crimea. Relax. The instagram is fake also. Maria’s wall on VK IS RUN BY A GUY NOW.

      1. she remove pilina,and others.but
        катя THANKS you guys are stupid.
        YOU need to ask her about it. SHE will tell its nonsense.look at her фото all in hotes.

        1. Yes, you are right, Marina!
          She just told that this morning leavedcto meet her grandmother in Lughansk but, hiding my identity, I’ve calmed her on a Istambul number from Vipmasuz,com and agree to 1.00$ overnight full sex next week in Istambul in my Hotel!!
          I will go and meet her!! We will see what she will say in front of me!! Wednesday!!!

    1. Can you write again the bane of thus site ?
      I can’t find it?
      She has now removed from VipMasi in Istanbul and returned on Natashaescorts as Emma!!
      I want control about Polina, but need find the site!!!

    1. But I don’t want have sex with her!!
      Only meet her and tell in her face about all her lies!!
      I would pass anyway from Istambul and simply ask for a outcall from Jana of VipMasi Escort!!
      I’m a revengeful kind of man, money don’t bother me… but I don’t like be cheated:(((
      What could she do to me? I can call Hotel Security and let her take away from Hotel using force!!! I’m a pretty athletic and tall man… she can’t surely aggress me))) ahahahahah…

  7. Yes, I found her Jana and Polina profiles!! She is also
    on at least 18 dating sites scamming men!! Now I want
    to fight to get my money back!! Thank you for exposing
    her for the fake she is Marina

    Jimmy O.

  8. thanks, Marina!!
    I found her profile on ISTANBUL VIPMASI ESCORTS as Jana!!
    But can’t connect to m.tstanbybuichicks13.com?
    Is the name of site written exactly this way? Google can’t find it((
    Anyway… she is really a prositute with prices and special “services” too!!
    I can’t believe my eyes!!
    I’m really a stupid !!
    But why she talks to me? She never asked for money or gifts or nothing!!
    What’s her gain with me?
    We exchanged letters on Romance Compass, she asked about my story and familiy, answered always to my letters with explicit references about the topic we were talking about, we chatted on cam and she was her!!

    I can’t understand!!
    But I see I’ve been deceived(((
    doc. Nicola Mansani

    ND PUSHKINSKA ST. БРХУНИ! супермаркет

    1. Do you really think she will come here in Italy?
      She should come three weeks… I want see if she maintain her promise to fly here!!
      Thank you for having alert me about her HIV!!!
      Probably she will not come… probably she will find a excuse at last moment and will not fly to me, I think!
      But I’m curious to see what her behavior will be…
      Then if she will not come, I will go in Kiev, where I often go to visit some friends of mine I have there (I’ve been married for ten years with a Ukrainian wife!) and will meet her in Solo Eastravel or trough a private investigator and, if not in Istambul, I will meet her face to face in Kiev!! I want vengeance!!!!
      Nicola Mansani

  10. I hate to admit this why do business in Dubai. I have seen this girl this girl will do anything for money. Including bestiality group sex. Sex with men and boys.
    For any decent man seeking her for a wife must be disturbed.

  11. I have a photo to proof that I know her.
    Her real name is katya Ekaterina petrova.
    And if anyone would like to see it leave your email address

    1. Alexander sizovl do you still have the photo proof and any other info on her? I see its been over a year since your post but I think I have been talking with her on a dating site and want to make sure of everything.

    2. Hello Alexander,

      I just happened to come across the site when doing a photo background on her since I have been talking with her for a while now. I know it has been over a year since you posted but if you could send me the picture you said you have or any other information it would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Here are a few more names that can be added to the list. And maybe the website could get the pictures.
    MAria 189504
    Julia 229178
    Julia 229178
    Could be more

  13. Add this as well, UberGirls.me, 2 escort profiles Polina
    and Kris!! These have verified photos!! The city is
    Istanbul, of course.

  14. This Maria Vlasova or Maria Bondareko I think is her real name is on Romance Compass ID 189504 she is a prostitute her phone number is 380 666 87 10 13 she claims to be a plastic surgeon she is not.

  15. Has there been any updated info on this girl as of late? I See the last post was made almost a year ago. And I think Im talking with her now on a dating site called victoriasbrides as Ekaterina. And from reading all of these posts it looks like the information is true which sucks since I have been talking with her/or someone as her for sometime. I know I have sent some flowers through the site which when delivered took photos of her so I know she was at least receiving them. She has never asked for anything since the time we have been talking which has been for almost 7 months. I see Alexander sizovI. said he had info of proof that he was willing to share. If you still have it could you send it to marchand284@yahoo.com that would be great. Or if Nicola Mansani, eduardo, or billy still have that info if either one of you could send it. Thanks

  16. From what I understand this woman and Mariyka Vlasova as she goes by on VK site runs a escort service out of Ukraine.

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