Maleckaya, Marina

Maleckaya, Marina – Krivoy Rog, Ukraine

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Scammed Jason for $34,217
Phone: +38 067 417 44 76
Address: Ladigina 3, Krivoy Rog, Ukraine

After a few days work I managed to go through all my records and locate every Western Union Receipt and record all of the amounts of money I sent during the time I pursued a relationship with Marina Maleckaya. I was able to record this all with simple photographs of all the receipts, creating PDF’s, and making a spread sheet. A few of the PDF files will have some personal information blanked out. Also, due to some of the ink on the receipts fading over time, and the lite print, some of the information on the receipts may not be legible in PDF format. Which is why I took the time to record all of the money I sent and made an Excel spread sheet.
Sadly, I learned while doing this that the money I sent her was greatly underestimated, and the exact amount was actually three times larger. Furthermore the amount of money involved in this situation is actually larger because I did not include the amounts I spent on gifts I purchased here in the U.S. and mailed to her in Ukraine as well as the cost of canceled air line tickets when she would cancel our plans at the last minute in 2013, as well as services purchased for a fiancé visa assistance coach.
As you asked “what did she need the money for?” I will do my best to recall everything from memory. However, when I sent her the money it was based off of what she said she needed it for, for whatever reasons, and when I ended the relationship back in October 2014, I have come to the conclusion that what she said she needed the money for, and what she actually did with it is in question.
But none the less, she said she needed the money for………………
Medical expenses including hospital stays, medical appointments, and prescription medication.
New clothing for summer and winter months.
I.D.’s such as the Ukrainian passports, both internal and to travel outside Ukraine. (in 2013 she wrote to me that her purse with her internal passport was stolen while at the train station in Krivroy Rog with her mother).
Money to travel to Kiev to obtain/apply for a visa to travel to U.S. as well as money to purchase air line ticket to try to visit me in 2012.
Various gifts for family members for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, weddings, and birth of a nephew.
Money to purchase professional grade Canon camera with 2-3 different lenses and accessories. (she wrote to me that this was also stolen at the train station)
The purchase of an I-phone (this was also stolen at train station), the purchase of replacement phone for one stolen, and purchase of laptop with video camera. (we did Skype chat several time from late 2013 to 2014)
Money for home maintenance including the installation of home security system (she wrote that one of her friends was burglarized and wanted to feel safe) and the replacement of her home water heater that was damaged due to an electrical short during a thunder storm.
During 2013 she wrote that a scammer came to her job at a bank and scammed the bank out of $1500 when she was doing a money exchange with the man. Her supervisor held her responsible for the theft and was going to take money out of her paycheck to pay the bank back. I sent her money to cover her losses.
In 2013 also she wrote that she later lost her job at the bank. I sent her money to cover her expenses until she could find a new job. When she did get hired at a new bank she claimed that the hours were longer and the pay less than her old job. 6 days a week for 9 to 10 hours. The money I sent her during this time started at $200 each time I got paid, every two weeks, but steadily increased to $450 when I was told that her pay at her new bank job would not cover living expenses, as well as the conflicts in Ukraine was causing prices to increase and goods and services were becoming more expensive. This became routine until I ended the relationship last October.
In 2012 and again in 2014 I sent money for her to register for English speaking classes. She said the classes she took in 2012 were more one on one and only lasted for a few weeks. In 2014 she registered for another English speaking class with multiple students, but she claimed the classes were canceled right before classes were to start because the instructor “just took the money and went to Moscow”.
This is all that I can remember, and that I know of.
I also want to remind you that when me and Marina Maleckaya first met, we met through another personals website and during that time she did not ask for any money from me. She was more than happy to receive gifts that I ordered through that website during that time. It wasn’t until after we met, and she left the personals website that we met through, that she started asking for money in early 2012.
I hope this information helps you and prevents another man from being manipulated or heartbroken. If you have any questions contact me anytime and I’ll do my best to assist you any way I can.
Best regards,
Jason Reichert
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