Mayer, Julia – Kharkov , Ukraine

Mayer, Julia – Kharkov , Ukraine

Julia Mayer (1) Julia Mayer (2) Julia Mayer (3) Julia Mayer (9) Julia Mayer (10) Julia Mayer (11)

Scammed: Steve for $800, John for $700, Richard for $450
Phones:+38093098939, +380 (63) 5918724
Skype ID: yuliya_mayer90
Born: June 4, 1990
Address: Vokzalnaya 49b, Tokmak, Ukraine
Operates on site(s):
ID # 1000717444
Passport # MT225580

Julia Mayer (14) Julia Mayer (13) Julia Mayer (12) Julia Mayer (11) Julia Mayer (10) Julia Mayer (9) Julia Mayer (8) Julia Mayer (7) Julia Mayer (6) Julia Mayer (5) Julia Mayer (4) Julia Mayer (3) Julia Mayer (2) Julia Mayer (1)

Wish to report this person Julia, from Kharkov for scamming.
Started communication over a three month period. The lady said she was ill so sent money willingly to help (have the receipts) a total of $800 (eight hundred) sent then the woman ceased communication completely.

It is instances like this that give the honest girls from Ukraine a bad name and makes life more difficult for everyone.

Kind regards,  Steve.

9 thoughts on “Mayer, Julia – Kharkov , Ukraine”

  1. Yes, Steve. You are right. She is scammer. She scammed me too. She claimed her son was ill and asked for money to buy him medicaments. I sent her 700 USD and she disappeared.

  2. Hello Steve,
    My name is Viktoriya. Juliya is registered in data base of my agency as a client.
    Could you prove she scammed you for money? Can you please send me letters and Western union receipts to my email and we will add her to scam list as well if what you say is true.

    1. Hi Steve, below is the reply to your comment that we received from Julia:

      From: Mayer, Julia
      Subject: scam

      Message Body:

      Good day! it’s slander! Steve stopped to chat with me!

      I can send a photo of letters, our correspondence with him. at one point, Steve was gone and stopped writing! Steve would send the money to me. but he would send money to travel to Cyprus to it !!!
      I have all my letters and Steve! I’ll wait for your answer! thanks
      Steve just wanted sex on Cyprus, I could not go and he napisla Internet about me !!!
      please remove me from the scum of the sheet!

      1. Juliya,

        Please don’t make things worse for yourself.
        There was no stopping of communication from my side. There was no invitation for anything explicit to anywhere.
        If you have letters to verify what you say, then send them.
        I have twenty one of them from both you and your ”girlfriend” Alina.


  3. Dear Juliya, please show here as well your letters to me from Natashaclub page where you claim how much you love me and that you are ready for everything.
    And you if you are “saint” why you simply don`t return me my money.

  4. Juliya is definitely a scammer. I spoke to her a year ago. She always kept on telling me her son was ill and later on that she is in hospital with him. I sent her 450 USD to buy medicaments and food for son. After she received money, she stopped talking to me. So I think she should be on this list.

  5. let me give my personal opinion and my experience at this site or

    After contacting some girls on this site and to pay continually for opening their messages I gave myself the task to review the messages that I replied to them in previous days and I found that the staff of the site altered my original messages and then they delivered to the girls. the same thing must have happened when the girls sent messages to me. So, very careful with this particular site. I consider that the site itself is a manipulator.

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