Semenova, Irina – Nikolaev, Ukraine

Semenova, Irina – Nikolaev, Ukraine

First name: Irina
Last name: Semenova
Born: May 14, 1988
Location(s): Nikolaev (Ukraine)
Address(es): Nikolaev region, Galitsinove village, 8 March str. 17
Phone number(s): +380667374214
Operates on site(s): (ID: 97592), (ID:603892)

Scammed: Tommy for $12,000


Irina Semenova scammed me for almost $12,000 in a 18 month period. I have reported her to western union and will report her to the embassy in the Ukraine. I have not decide if I should press criminal charges or not. I do not think it will do any good. I can prove everything I say. I have records. I know I am not the only man she has scammed. I know she operates on different websites and I do not want her to hurt anyone else….

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    1. All we know about Irina Semenova is that she has scammed Tommy for $12,000. If you have any additional information on this lady – feel free to send us a report.

        1. I also want to see the record evidence of fraud . This is not true, and I did not receive remittances. Maybe my agency to use my data. I’m trying to remove their profiles on these sites but the agency refuses to remove me from the sites.

    2. Jornal Folha de São Paulo

      Scheme takes men to Ukraine in search of marriage

      04/04/2014 11h32
      More options

      The timing is difficult for Odessa. After the annexation of the Crimea, pro-Russian forces are stirring up this Black Sea port, and there are deadlock every week between protesters who wish to be part of Ukraine and those who want a closer connection with Russia.

      But despite all the political and economic chaos that engulfed Ukraine in the last three months, one sector continues to thrive: Internet romance.

      The economies of several Ukrainian cities are stimulated by the surreal and bizarre online bridal trade, and Odessa is the epicenter of the activity.

      It does not take long for a visitor to the city to meet one of these “international dates” – there are legions of western men in the city to meet young Ukrainians they met online, most often in conversations brokered by a translator.

      In cybercafes and houses across the city, thousands of women spend hours each day talking to potential suitors.

      Nothing like the prospect of economic hardship to facilitate intercontinental romantic connections, and so far, far from falling in recent months, the bridal and romantic dating market is thriving.

      In fact, there are now more Western men planning trips to Odessa than was the case last year when I accompanied a “romantic outing” to Ukraine as a magazine reporter.

      I spent a week in Odessa with 29 men, all of whom expected to find a bride on the trip. Most of my companions were Americans, but there were also Brits, an Italian and a Saudi, in the group.

      The company that organized the tour is called Anastasia International, and it is not a backyard operation, but a large company with a turnover estimated at $ 140 million last year.

      Anastasia’s databases have thousands of women in Ukraine and elsewhere for chats and personal encounters with singles from around the world who are looking for a marriage.

      The Internet dating industry has gained in scale and respectability over the last decade, and Anastasia is redefining what was once known as a “brides-to-order” service in a more modern and progressive fashion.

      The segment is no longer reserved for dubious men and exploiters seeking vulnerable women with a history of poverty to work as sex slaves in the long run, the company’s marketing suggests. What we have now is “international flirtation,” a civilized way of pursuing a novel without frontiers.

      Except that this new definition continues to be disturbing. Men pay per minute for online chats with women, something that is clearly perceivable as a dangerous side of the business model adopted. The company claims on its website that finding a woman in Ukraine is like “dating a model, but with the values of her grandmother.” The men who testify about the company’s services are tired of Western women, who insist they have forgotten the “family values.”


      Armed with this information, what I expected was to spend a nauseous week before hateful men who take vulnerable women as prey, and certainly some of the members of the group took misogyny into the stratosphere. But the story was broader and more complicated.

      “It’s time to get on the field, and no one calls me to play,” Todd said to me, astonished, over breakfast.

      Todd, 43, breadwinner in Delaware, spent months working overtime to get paid for the tour to Ukraine; he spent weeks working loosely to save the $ 5,000 he paid to spend a week in Odessa and, hopefully, find a bride.

      Although Todd’s expectations of what a Ukrainian bride could offer were patently unreal, it was painful to accompany him on his way to disappointment. Many of the men on the tour are less sympathetic than Todd, but they were all loners.

      Some were disillusioned with the flirtations and flirtations of the West, because women were not interested in them; others were recovering from a divorce or the woman’s death.

      Another man I spent a good time with was Stephen, 62, of Texas, divorced many years ago and on his 11th trip to Ukraine, in the vain hope of finding a bride.

      Stephen ended up meeting a pianist named Elena on the tour. On the second meeting she told him that she felt they could be soul mates. By the end of the week he was sure that he had found the woman he would share his life with. It was an expensive week, with dinners, taxis and payment to the translator, but Stephen was delighted to have found love.

      When I left, Stephen was ready to ask for Elena in marriage, but two months later he told meE-mail that everything went wrong. His intended warned him that he needed to think more before making a commitment, but suggested that he return to Odessa so they could continue their expensive platonic encounters. Todd did not even get to the stage of the meeting, which in retrospect maybe was lucky for him. The women received commissions for the time they spent chatting with him, but when he arrived in the city, none of them answered their phone calls. Todd wrote to me later that “it took me almost a month to process what happened and to get over what I went through. I decided to close this chapter of my life and move on.Now I am focused on myself and my life, and doing things that make me a better person, and follow other dreams and hopes that I have. “Will I ever find my other half?” “I can not tell.” “At least I can say that I tried, if I have to die single, whatever.” “EMOTIONAL PROSTITUTION” Anastasia International, while not directly involved in any collusion, operates a highly profitable business model that allows the company to flourish. Although real and lasting connections are occasionally formed through the site, it is much more frequent that their services serve only to reinforce the concentric circles of distrust, disappointment and emotional distress of all involved. Anastasia insists it detects and eliminates possible cheating whenever it finds them, and has banned some women from participating in the site. It also says it reimburses clients who become cheating victims and offers advice on how to avoid them. Larry Cervantes, the company spokesman, wrote to me after the tour. “It’s true that some of these guys are spending money they do not have.” But many American men spend everything they have looking for women in the United States, like Britons seeking British. men have always sought the unattainable, and have played a fool for it.What has changed? ” The difference, of course, is that the company is making huge profits from these foolish men, and while many women also draw money from the scheme, it is not clear that this will benefit them in the long run. Shaun Walker’s electronic book on the Ukrainian wedding industry, “Odessa Dreams,” can be purchased online for £ 1.99.

  1. Are there any real evidences of this lady’s fraud? If anyone has it, please, report the dministration of Bridge-of-love site.

  2. There were a lot of allegations made against Irina Semenova. I am just curious……….What happened with the evidence? I really believe her intentions was genuine. I’ve also write to her beginning of 2015.
    However, she wanted me to visit her in Nicolaev. How ever, I broke all correspondents with her. Something I regret for the past 3 years. She never asked for anything. I did try to make up again and sent her flowers again. But they couldn’t find her at the previous address.
    I did sent her an facebook invite whice she accepted. But she never replied to any of my letters.
    Without evidence, I would never believe something like that from her.
    Why did you pay that amount of money if you don’t know her? You can’t buy love……..

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