Semenova, Irina – Nikolaev, Ukraine

Semenova, Irina – Nikolaev, Ukraine

First name: Irina
Last name: Semenova
Born: May 14, 1988
Location(s): Nikolaev (Ukraine)
Address(es): Nikolaev region, Galitsinove village, 8 March str. 17
Phone number(s): +380667374214
Operates on site(s): (ID: 97592), (ID:603892)

Scammed: Tommy for $12,000


Irina Semenova scammed me for almost $12,000 in a 18 month period. I have reported her to western union and will report her to the embassy in the Ukraine. I have not decide if I should press criminal charges or not. I do not think it will do any good. I can prove everything I say. I have records. I know I am not the only man she has scammed. I know she operates on different websites and I do not want her to hurt anyone else….

7 thoughts on “Semenova, Irina – Nikolaev, Ukraine”

    1. All we know about Irina Semenova is that she has scammed Tommy for $12,000. If you have any additional information on this lady – feel free to send us a report.

        1. I also want to see the record evidence of fraud . This is not true, and I did not receive remittances. Maybe my agency to use my data. I’m trying to remove their profiles on these sites but the agency refuses to remove me from the sites.

  1. Are there any real evidences of this lady’s fraud? If anyone has it, please, report the dministration of Bridge-of-love site.

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