Sheremet, Lyubov

Sheremet, Lyubov – Vasilkov, Ukraine

First name: Lyubov
Last name: Sheremet
Born: September 29, 1992
Location(s):  Vasilkov, Kiev (Ukraine)
Address: Zarechnaya 40, Vasilkov, Kiev region, Ukraine
Operates on sites: anastasiadate, tornado-of-love


Scam..: Lyubov have for roughly 2 years been on dating/marriage websites corrosponding with men.
However in June 2015 she wrote on the internet she had become engaged, however she claimed to be single and interested in me on 2 different websites and we corrosponded for two years. So Lyubov have secretly been in a serious relationship making me and propebrly hundreds of other men waste their money without any real chance of having a relationship with her. I can e-mail photos.

My story.
personaly I have known Lyubov in the period of time
18 jun 2013 – 01 jun 2015.
In that period of time we exchanged 130 letters on anastasiadate who is a dating/marriage website. We also meet on a really fantastic date in may 2014 in kiev that only lasted two houres du to her having to go on a singing tour. We hold hands rather much during the date and laugh allot also. unfortunatly we did only meet one time but it was such a good date we spoke about it for a long time again and again.

Actual it was extremly anoying to travel from Denmark to ukraine and meet her for 2 houres and then just sit there and wait 1 week for my airplane and go home ;-(
But the memory of her was amazing.

Since May 2014 everything started going slow down hill for us. Lyubov have always been extremly secret about her life and pretty much never in 130 letters told me much personal about her self or her career. The only reason for me to keep corrosponding with her was due to our fantastic date that I personaly thought was very special and fantastic.
Anyway I was ofcourse interested in meeting lyubov again so I tried to setup a new meeting in september 2014 but without luck.. 5 days before I arrived in kiev she surdenly had to go on a new singing tour so we could not meet.. I then cancel my trip and lost my money.
Next I tried again to make a new trip in october taking a chance to meet her, but again no success and she became really angry when the agency called her and asked if she had time to meet me. Again I lose my airplane ticket and lost some money. To make a long story short I tried to plan a new trip 2 more times in november and february but every time she was busy with something…
Then I started to become suspecious since she always ignore my question about when we could meet again and to make a long story short I tried from august 2014 – june 2015 to ask her every 3-4 weeks when she have time to meet me again, now that she write she like me and is interested in me. As I said she ignore the question or gave me an answer that not really answer anything again and again. Also she constant talk about her not having time due to being on singing tours ect.
However I find it rather strange that someone who like anothers persons company cannot put an X in a calender and find the time during a 1 year period of time.
Anyway I started to investigate who lyubov really was and found her social profile on and I also found her number 2 dating website profile on tornado-of-love.
We are not talking about april-may 2015 and I travel to kiev to meet someone els than Lyubov since she did not have time for me “again” so I thought I will end our friendship after roughly 2 year of corrospondance though she talk about she liked me ect.

I desided to tell the dating website anastasiadate about lyubov and that I thought her activity was very strange and that I suspect some kind of “fraud” is taking place and they look at my many questions to lyubov and the failed meetings ect and they wrote to her local agency. However the local agency where slow to reply and I think anastasiadate support could se something was wrong with the corrospondance. So lyubov was removed from the website and i think her local agency where fired.
However Lyubov now show up on tornado-of-love and she did not know I suspect something was wrong.
I wrote to her about 30 houres after she was removed and she was so happy to see me since she had been looking for me for so long… ehhh really.
I told her that I did not want to use the website but I like to keep our friendship ( roughly 1 june 2015 )
I told her I had send her a message on with my contact information and that I would cancel my membership at the dating website since I was tired of the expensive dating sites.
Lyubov read my letter on and then blocked me, and I thought ehhh we have been friends from 2 years what is wrong..
I did however before she blog me see her profile and could see she had not been honest with me about many things. For example she do not speak english but use a dictonary, however she sing english songs in some singing videos…
Also I could see that there where no talk about any tours on her website, and in general when I read the vk profile I actual learned more about lyubov than what I had known from 130 letters in the 2 year I had known her.. NOw I realized something is very wrong when she say she like me but block me and play games in her letters on the dating site.

Then today 01-07-2015 I swing by her blogged profile on vk, and I also look on facebook and to my shock I see she have become engaged.

To become engaged with someone it mean that she must have been in a serious relationship for a long time before becomming engaged. So technical speaking lyubov have for MANY month been lying to me on the dating/marriage website where she had been in a relationship but claim to be single and very interested in me.
I can only guess why she lied to me for many month yes maybe even 1 year or more. And I suspect lyubov like other model like girls on websites get paid money for corrospondance with the men pr. letter or pr. chat minute and for going on the date.

Well I feel betrayed that a good “friend” treat me in such a way, and actual her comming housband should also think about why she had been flirting and even meeting men like me on dates while they where in a serious relationship.

With other words are Lyubov Sheremet a really cruel person, who treat people really bad.

Why did I write this.. Well to warn dating websites about it, but also that one day a journalist might pick up the story and in public ask maybe famous singer lyubov sheremet why she treated “me” and properbly hundreds of men this way. She was cruel to us so I think it is fair enough to ask her about why .
I do unfortunatly belive lyubove is a scammer, and it was a painfull experience since I did really like her and hoped our friendship could evolve into something more… SHe should be ashamed of her self for what she have done.
– Journalists are welcome to contact me I will however not give details about lyubovs private life, but only about the scam.

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  1. I’ve heard that women who enroll on thais agency and other affiliates, receive a percentage of money that unsuspecting men pay for memberships and reading emails. Women rarely have contact with men, this is done by employees of the agency. when a man buys gifts for her, the agency calls the real girl, and take pictures and give money to her for it.
    When a man wants to make a real meeting, the agency called the girl and prepared with some details so that man doesn’t suspect anything.
    All the money that you send or pay is received by the agency, also the money you send for her visa. There are very, very few real girls from these sites; usually these agencies call female models and propose them this figure of business and force them to sign a confidentiality agreement. the girl is guilty, for not telling the truth, but is much more guilty the agency by falsehood they have with customers, taking advantage of the weakness of men of being alone and in love with an image of a russian girl.

  2. If you are stupid enough to pay roughly $6.00 to $8.00 per email to read and send you deserve your Fate. I laughed as I received 2400 ‘messages’ with the most absurd philosophical statements from these quite beautiful women. Self control and investigation are your best friends when dealing with money making machines like Anastasia Date.

  3. Lyubovs dating profile is still online here and there.
    Actual other day she write to me on
    ( where there are many fake profiles i think )
    I did not read the letter i know it is not her.
    Profile was then removed when i send a letter with ehr wedding photo and other information to the girl.

    I think her dating profile is now a days being abused, and that it is not lyubov who are behind them.

    As far as i know she is happily married for 2 years or so now, and a singing teacher in kiev.

  4. Update..: 07-10-2017

    I have today spoken to lyubov.
    ( i know where she work and send e-mail there asking when lyubov work, and ask if she have 5 minutes to talk if i visit her.
    I am in kiev by the way )

    Lyubov reply with her real e-mail address and send me a letter, since she did not want me to come to her work.
    ( she was angry and nervous).
    – ofcourse i understand that and respect it we did not talk for years and I call her a scammer.
    I tried before to send her flowers asking to talk to her, but she have never contacted me on e-mail . or replied the 1 letter i send her asking for an explanation.
    For the record I was just hoping to talk for 5 minutes and then say goodbye to her in real life, since i dont know if i visit ukraine again.. Well it was an oppotunity to look in each others eyes and talk like ordinary people, and example rewrite this anti-scam report or even try to have it removed… Time change and people change, even though i feel abused by her and lied to in the past. ( 2-3 years ago )
    ( i cannot insert screenshot of her letter in this reply form )

    But story short i have seen lyubovs dating profiles here and there the last x month, and asked all dating websites to turn them off since I think they are fake. ( photos are old, and info are old, no new photos that could indicate a new profile ).
    It would have been easy for lyubov to just show some uptodate information and prove she is no longer married, but she either did not want to give such information, or just delete her profile becourse of me.
    ( in ukraine marriage ect is registred on national id card )

    Lyubov tell me 07-10-2017 that she is not in a relationship and single.
    And she say YES she are now online on a dating website.
    BUT deleted her profile on godatenow and other website since I claim she is a scammer. and translator also had some problems.
    – I asume she is on other websites that i do not know.

    – by the way she still 07-10-2017 have a photo of her self in wedding dress on but not many photos of the person who she was engaged to years ago.
    No information about relationship anymore.
    I think a bit strange to have wedding dress photo on a social media account if she did not get married in the past.!
    – in the past she also show big ring for +6 month.

    Ofcourse times goes by and things change.
    Maybe she was not married after being engaged, and then something went wrong for her. Or maybe she is divorsed.
    – BUT against me, I was lied to in the past that is why I call lyubov a scammer and warn other men about her.
    She became engaged while we corrospond and i see her vacation photos with her man, while we corrospond on anastasiadate.. This cost me allot of money to talk with
    a girl who had a secret relationship, but yet corrospondance continued for a very long time. I think this fact give me the right to call Lyubov a scammer, since she scammed me. !!
    ( i have screenshots of everything and can prove it ).

    – in my humble oppinion I think that Lyubov is not telling me the turth and are lying 07-10-2017

    My recommendation avoid Lyubov.

    If she one day write me a long, letter with details and an explanation that sound real and honest. Then i will be prepared to rewrite or remove this scam report.
    I dont belive people forever should be called scammers and have a right to have their info deleted.
    Just saying tell me everything and prove it and i will help.

    ps. I told her i will not contact her again.

    Really sad story.

    Lyubov Sheremet

  5. Manuel J Chavez is 110% right. Not only the girls but all these sites are fraud. They ahve some old ladies to reply to you guys while the photo are of very sexy girls as the site people show us.
    It is also possible that some girls even do not know that there photos are being used, the time they find it out, the agency might start paying them !! who knows.
    So all such paid site, where you have to pay some $ against each letter is a real scam and fraud. Some body should be doing something against these.
    I also tried the lowest paid letters i.e. 1 $ per letter, You know what happened, the letters were very very short though answering all questions, but without any feelings, the other experience is as you get engaged with one lady, the response from the other ladies become automatically slow !!! so the site help us in paying the maximum against one girl and the other comes, when first is saying that she is bit busy now a days etc etc. hahahaha

    So friends it is better to fuck a female donkey than to keep paying for these whores !!!!!

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