Shmygovskaya, Yana

Shmygovskaya (Smigovskaya / Shmigovskaya), Yana – Kharkov, Ukraine

Phone: +380 630 582 598
Born: November 1, 1987
Address: Slinko 7/144, Harkov, Ukraine
Operates on site(s):

Yana asked me to send her money . She said I was wasting my money buying gifts on a dating website. I was instructed to call western union to wire the money however it was declined. When I called western union they informed me someone else in US was sending her money in fact 5 recent transfers in February and March.
Also when I requested her contact information the last name she had sent me was Smigovskaya. She corrected the spelling when she asked me to call western union. The spelling she gave me then was Shmygovskaya. I confronted her and she denied it. Her number is 011 380 630 582 598
I was writing about my difficulties to admin of a website that I used to communicate with her and a site admin called her. She contacted me via text upset and told me not to write about it there as the website wants all the money.

One thought on “Shmygovskaya, Yana”

  1. Now she changed her profile and changed her level of English from Good to Don’t speak. I know she speaks english I have talked to her on her cell phone numerous times.

    After reading some of the scam checklists on scamming I know she is a scammer. She initiated first contact, after few letters stated we should be together she could sense it. Avoided questions about herself. I wish I’d have listened to my gut from the beginning I had a feeling it was all bullshit from her end.

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