Skrynik, Liliya – Nikolaev, Ukraine

Skrynik, Liliya – Nikolaev, Ukraine

First name: Liliya
Last name: Skrynik
Born: March 17, 1991
Location(s): Nikolaev (Ukraine)
Address(es): Karpenko 36/908
Phone number(s): +380679340838
Operates on site(s): (

Report #1 –  the case is closed, money returned

I ‘ll inform of you about the girl who cheated me. She seems to have chat with other guys now again, Hope there would be no victims like me. Her name is Liliya(23463). I got her information and she knew it’s out of rule on this site to ask money. So she asked me to send money for traveling cost on skype. I sent her 2000$ , because she promised to visit me soon. But after she recieved 2000$, she stoped to communcation with me suddenly. I called her several times on skype, but she didn’t answer. I saw her on behappy2day site again after two weeks sice her last message on skype. I asked her why she didn’t call me at all, then she answered she was in the hospital. I didn’t know that at all. And I asked her to send back 2000$, because it’s her visiting cost to me and she disn’t visit me in real. But she don’t try to send back 2000$ or she don’t have mind to send back. I think it’s her bad skill, and seems her mother know that too. I can’t let her stay here such girl now. Money is sent her through Western Union.

Following is part of our conversation on skye when she got my money.

Hi! I changed reciever’s name into Juliya Mischenko today.
[2015/03/07 16:12:59] Me: Wish she get money successfully. and if you have time today, please call me at night (your time evening)
[2015/03/07 16:38:22] Лилия Скрыник: yes, my dear, she will go to bank in 30 minutes ( i have just called her ). I am at work and i am very glad that already today i will go to the travel agency! i will be on line in my evening.
[2015/03/07 16:39:30] Лилия Скрыник: kisses dear
[2015/03/07 16:39:37] Лилия Скрыник: i adore you
[2015/03/07 16:39:51] Me: ok. bye bye
[2015/03/07 20:00:17] Лилия Скрыник: darling. mother have collected money. all is ok


Thank you for your help. I got money from her through Western Union. MTCNs are 450-938-7896 ( on 11th May, 2015) and 505-704-7160(on 13th May). The reason why she transfered two times is due to the rule in WU . They have a rule that limit transfering amount a day is 700US$. I recieved 1400$ and rest 600$ is transfering fee ( 90$) and 510$ is the gift to her for sorry for my wrong accusation to her.
I’m fully satisfied with this and feel sorry for her.

Report #2

I met a girl on bridge-of-love,
We have spoke for about 6 months her name is anna, from Nikolaev ukraine, i sent anna a $1000 dollars for a iphone 6, so we can face time, wich was last monday 15,6,2015
Today i started to look at possible dating scams and i found on a site called romance scam a report on her profile. Ok well i did more investigating and when i transfered the money into the western union account anna asked if i could put it under the name juliya mischenko. So i googled that name wich brought up your site and linked that name to liliya skrynik and the fraud scam. Anna has sent me pictures of herself and her friends. And liliya is in some of the pictuers with anna. Also they are on facebook and are friends on there to. So i havent spoke to anna yet after learning this imformation, it is my mistake for sending money. After reading the scam on your site about liliya skrynik it bounces around and i cant make sense of what fully happened as its poorly written. Though i know the bloke got his money back and felt sorry for the wrong accusation. Can you please shed some light on this please. I will not tell anna of the new info i have. Can you please help me?


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  1. Hi there i wish to delete the previous post i have written about anna grinishina. She i 100% who she says she is and is an honest girl. I have no doubts about her and wish that you remove the post i sent please.

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