Sokolova, Ekaterina

Sokolova aka Mokh, Ekaterina

First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Sokolova (Moh/Mokh)
Born: June 2, 1991
Location(s): Nikolaev (Ukraine)
Phone number(s): +38 093 309 36 07
Address: Konopatnaya, 27/5 , Nikolaev, Ukraine
Operates on site(s):,
Reported for: married woman earns money on dating sites
Her profile on VK:

Her husband’s profile on VK:



4 thoughts on “Sokolova, Ekaterina”

  1. I recently had the same bad experience with these online sites, and I had $2100 stolen from me. I sent the money because she had agreed to marry me and for her to come here to me. Then I learned she was already married and that both her and her husband had deceived and lied to me.

    So I completely understand and know about how it feels to be lied to and have things stolen from you. I thought that all of these sites and the women on them were nothing but lies and fraud. I wonder why there are so many people in this world that do these things.

    I am not a wealthy man, and so that having that money stolen from me put me in deep debt. I am only now being so that I have gotten out of this deep debt. This happened to me last year, and I learned the truth just before the Christmas holidays, so their deception ruined the holiday season for me too.

  2. Ekaterina is still at HRB? I thought they removed her. We posted her info early last year and HRB went through and cleaned out all the whores who we listed.

    Also Andy, well, you have learned a valuable lesson. Do not send money to any woman that you do not know intimately. But we need more men to get to social networks and post this information and their experiences. Fight back!!!

    1. GODWIN ID 111750 on bridge of love . com I love your write up I have lots to write about my experience I had on the bridge of love . More than 3 years , I will open up very soon .

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