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Braylovskaya, Tatyana

Braylovskaya, Tatyana – Kharkiv, Ukraine

First name: Tatyana
Last name:  Braylovskaya
Born: February 2, 1990
Location(s): Kharkiv (Ukraine)
Phone number: +38 096 6913978
E-mail address(es): vipperson.08@mail.ru
Operates on site(s): bridge-of-love.com

Report #1:
As you can see she has some successful modeling pictures, and told me she worked in China, Dubai, and Russia. She works as one of the paid girls on Bridge-of-love which is a 100% scam site. I just fought with my credit cards, and they were found out by their issuing credit company. I received a $580 return on my CC for services used on the site. They made me pay for girl’s personal info, and then gave out scam information. I have talked to at least five girls who are paid by the service to lie to men. Most of the time you think you are talking to a girl, it’s really a man. Tatyana is their biggest earner as the pictures support. She scams men out of hundreds of dollars a day. She always will ask you for money to help her disease riddled face. If you look closely, she is not pretty (great body) it’s all make up. She lives with other scammers in a house, and they video chat 20 hours a day. They are the only girls working for Bridge, that are allowed to be seen. That’s why they get paid the most.

Report #2:
I have a brand new scammer named Tatyana Braylovskaya, she is working out of Kharkiv, and ask for money for medical procedures. Her phone number is 011380966913978 her email is vipperson.08@mail.ru She stole close to $300 for phoney medical procedures. She is 34 her DOB is Feb 5th 1990 Here are her pictures