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Popikova, Elena

Elena Popikova – Lugansk, Ukraine

First name:  Elena
Last name: Popikova
Born: August 29, 1979
Location(s):  Lugansk, Ukraine
Phone number(s):  +38 096 6255155
Email addreses:
Operates on sites: 
Professional scammer, finds her victims on popular dating sites

Her letters:

hi, darling! ))

Honey xxx,  your photo amazed me, you look so young, I see you are very interesting man. I think the man with such eyes inspire the trust.

Dear, i agree with you completely… we should be equal for each other…

The problem is that I don’t have Skype, I even don’t have so much time for it, because I don’t have a computer at home…

How are you? What was you doing during this weekend? Did you miss me? Did you think about me? I hope everything is good with you and I hope you did nothing except of thinking about me:-).

As for me I am fine. My mood is wonderful, because of receiving your letter. You know it is always very pleasant and important  for me. I like to receive  your letter.

I like to know you think about me. So, as to my weekend, it was not bad. As usual I visited my mother and grandparents I missed them much.

By my arriving they gathered the last harvest, it is quince, do you know this fruit? Does it grow in your country? This fruit is like an apple,  but it has tart taste.

So we decided to make the jam.  You see quince is not so soft as an apple.  The most interesting happened at the end of evening,

the electricity was turned out, so we continued our preparing with the help of candle. In a moment I thought how it would be wonderful to have dinner with you by candle’s light.

And what about you, do you like it? So now you know how I spent my weekend. It will be interesting to know about your weekend. It is always very interesting  for me to know all news about you.

It is necessary for me to know everything about you, my sweet xxx. I have one question for you, do you like a jam? What jam do you like?

You see during the preparing this jam I was thinking about it.

Honey, I will wait your letter. I miss you. I kissed you all the weekend you. Yours Elena.


Good day my dearest xxx!

Honey, I got to know that I need to make a passport first of all. I don’t have it, because I have never been abroad. They told me that  it can get visa in Germany without problems… it’s easy and don’t cost a lot. The most expensive is passport, which costs 375$. Do you have so much money passport? I don’t have((((

Will you help me to make it?

How are you today???? As for me today I disputed with my mom. I can tell my mom is exacting woman, she likes order in everything. And all our family try to do all the best do not break it.

You know my family consist of four persons only: mother, grandfather, grand mother and me. But unfortunately I have no father, he died when I was studding in school.

He was wonderful man. I have no brothers or sisters. But I have cousin. We often meet with her. We are good friends. The matter of our dispute with mom is that she is pretty old lady,

always suffer from blood pressure disease… so she can’t work… because of this… and everybody is guilty in her not being able to do something…even God)) but she manages to command with

everybody and everywhere like the president… I asked her to visit the doctor because of her being unwell, but she strongly objected. She is like child, dreading a doctor.

So my dispute with mom was unsuccessful. Dear xxx, and what about you?

What kind of relations do you have in your family, it is very interesting for me to know. Do you see each other often??  Do you have the family traditions? What are they?

As for our family we have a lot traditions. For example we like to eat in open air in summer. My sweet xxx, please tell me everything about you and your family.

If you want to know more about me, please ask me everything you interested in. I will answer with pleasure.

I will be waiting for your answer. Kiss you very hot in your sweet chicks. I’ll me missing you. Have a good day, xxx. Your Elena



xxx, my sweet darling!)))

Dear, I don’t know how much visa costs, but they told me that I can get it without problems. Now I need to make a passport! It’

s the main. I don’t know yet about flight costs, because it’s not so important now. Any way, you may look it i the Internet! Now, I need to make a passport and that is why i ask you, when can you help me  to make it?

Thank you for your letter and warm words. It is always very pleasant for me to receive your letter. All time I am thinking about you, I try to guess your mood today.

I hope you are fine. I hope you are thinking about me too. I like to dream about us about our future life. And what about you, do you dream about us, about our meeting maybe about our wedding?

How are you, what are you busy with? How did you spend your weekend? So weekend is over and the workdays are started, I know I have to work, but I so tired.

I want to stay at home and to lie on sofa watching some interesting films, and of course dreaming about us, my honey xxx. And what about you?

Do you feel yourself in such way sometimes. As to my weekend, I spend it in a good way. As usual I visited my mother and grandparents. I told them all my news and they did the same.

We had our dinner. My mother prepared the roasted fish. I liked it very much. You see I like all dishes prepared in an oven. It has some specially taste. Also I like a lot of spicery.

And what about you, my dear xxx, do you like spicery or not. So after our dinner I went to wake along the park. You see my grandparents live near big park.

As the weather was not bad many people were there are. So among them  met my old friend Olesya. We were friends with her since our childhood. She invited me to her.

So, we bought small cake and went at her home. She got some white wine and we start to remember all our childhood and youth.

Oh my dear xxx, we had real fun when we remembered the situation when we fell in love with the same boy. So we fell out with her, we didn’t speak with her at all.

As the result, this boy was  in love with another girl. Of course, later we made friends with her again and decided do not fall in love with same boys. It was so funny to remember it.

We remembered how we dreamed about future marriage and told each other about our dreams, and what about you my dear xxx? Do you meet with your old friends?

How often do you meet with them. I think it is necessary sometime to remember your childhood and youth due to draw our attention away from our daily routing. Do you agree with me?

So my dear xxx, I will finish my letter here. Honey, I will wait your letter and new photos. if you have after your weekend.

Kiss you my angel hot in your lips. I miss you much.

Yours Elena.


Hi, honey !!!!

Of course I understand that you can not trust me, but it’ll be difficult to develop our relationships in future if you don’t trust me!

I even don’t know what should I write  you in such situations…

Ok, I send you my address and full name any way,. I don’t have anything to hide from you..

post code 91000

country Ukraine

city Lugansk

street moskovskaya,

home 3, apartment 44

Popikova Elena is my full name.

How have you been without me??? What is new??? What is old??)))) What have you been doing these days???

xxx, I am interested in what the best way to relax for you? I mean what things give you pleasure and make you  forget about your daily routine and unpleasant thoughts.

What do you need to feel yourself easy??? As for me, feeling the sadness, tiredness, stress, sad thoughts or whatever I start to draw. You see my dear xxx,

as you know I study as a designer, when I am drawing I do really calm down. Also I like to spend my free time with my family. Today was perfect day. I was dreaming the whole day.

The weather was not bed and I had the opportunity to walk a little along the park.I was thinking about everything happened with me for the last time. The first  it is of course you,

I am glad of having the correspondence with you. Now I can the great opportunity to share with you of my thoughts and feelings. It will pleasant for me to hear about your news,

about your thoughts. Today was not easy day on my work you see xxx, today I heard talking of my boss with someone discussing the question of a big sum.

As I have good intuition,sometimes I see night dreams  which would come true.  I think this talking will concern me. I am afraid to loose my work. You see dear xxx, it is

very difficult to find good work now, because of the economical crisis. But despite of it, I hope everything will be fine.

Well, I have to hurry up cause I still have to go to a company to order materials for artificial nails and new cosmetic for hair.

xxx, please write me back, I am really caught by your letters and

attention. I will be waiting with impatience, Many sweet kisses only for you…))) I wish you great day, and please, take care about yourself.  Your Elena.