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Deordieva, Natalia

Deordieva, Natalia – Kharkov, Ukraine

First name: Natalia (Nataliya, Natalya, Natali, Natasha)
Last name: Deordieva
Born: December 09, 1987
Location(s): Kharkov(Ukraine)
Email: natasha1987_09_12@mail.ru
Phone number: +38 067 1973241
Operates on site(s): anastasiadate LadyID=1696917
natashaclub.com/LadyNataly_.html ID: 1000632099

Natalia Deordieva is officially in relationships with local man: vk.com/id11252202
Her relationships status there is – in love.
On social group her guy claims they live together.
First picture they posted together is date December 2014. So it`s been more than half of year she is in relationships and still haven`t removed her profile from dating services. I guess this is complete fraud.