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scammers archive part 1


Abdulina, Olga VladimirovnaKazan, Russia

Phone: 902 670 2257
Email: olelovely@mail.ru

Details: “Visa and tickets” scam. Initiates the contact, falls in love with you, wants to visit you, asks money for visa and tickets.

First reported: Pete

Abdylina, Olga Vladimirovna – Kazan, Russia

Phone: +7-8-7-902-7135552
Address: 420015, Russia, Kazan, Podlyznaya, str.28-36

Details: I emailed Olga from MatchDoctor.Com. She sent me three pics in all one slowly after another then as she fell in Love we set up a meeting. She said she could pay for the trip but then the punch-line arrived she asked for money for a computer and I told her I would not send her the money.

First reported: the kid 79



Abromova, Natalia (Natasha)St. Petersburg, Russia

Phone: 011-7-812-950-2437
Address: St. Petersburg   194357, Moskovsky Street 40, #20, Russia

Email: alexspbru1@hotmail.com, goldspb@rol.ru

Details: This girl will send you her passport and visa details.  Once you have corresponded a few times she will say that she will come to your Country and send scanned photos of air tickets.  The scam is then she will ask for 600 US dollars to be allowed out Russia ( St Petersburg) and be sent by Western union. Guess what once this money arrives she disappears.

First reported: Reggie

Adamova, Ina (Inna) – Minsk, Belarus

Phone: + 375 296 20 70 80 (mobile) ;
+ 375 17 220 84 27 (home number)
Address: Kirova 3-71, Minsk 220050, Belarus
Email: star@infonet.by

Details: A real person living in Minsk, Belarus. Claims to be a doctor in children’s hospital. Actually is unemployed and makes living asking money from foreign men: for Internet connection complaining about its expensiveness, or for visa and tickets to come to your country. Usually works through placing her data at international dating agencies. Money are to be sent via Western Union to Inna Adamova, Minsk, Belarus.

First reported: Watching you!


Adamova, Raisa – Murmansk, Russia

Phone: no phone
Address: Sovetskaya 65-32, Murmansk, 183054 Russia (later shown to be false address)
Email: raisaadam_21@pochtamt.ru

Details: “Visa and tickets” scam. Initiates the contact through a personals website, falls in love with you, wants to visit you dying to be with you and wanting to marry you, asks money for visa and tickets. Prewritten letters.NOTE: different pictures may be used

First reported: Paul


Aklanova, Tatyana – Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Address: Charl Marks’s Street 129-4, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Details: Typical fall in love fast and asks for money for visa and airline tickets.

First reported: Damian



Aktnaeva, OlesyaOrenburg, Russia

Address: MONTAZHNIKOV 43 APT 21, Orenburg, Russia (Fake Address)
Email: olesya09@list.ru

Details: Met her through Yahoo Personals. She said it costs US$360 to get a visa. She didn’t write back after i said she is a scammer.

First reported: Campos

Albahtena, Olga Dubovka, Russia

Phone: 902 670 2257
Email: fairy@doubleracy.com

Details: Contacted from Yahoo Personals. Use Pre-written letters. Scammed US$1,1000 for visa and tickets. Scam many men at same time.

First reported: John W.

Albahtena, OlgaVolgograd, Russia

Address: 21 Cental’ naya, Russia, 163523
Details: Met her through Yahoo Personals. She fell in love and planned to come and see me at her own cost. Last minute asked for money and I gave her 320 USD for she had to pay for an operation for her best friend. When she arrived at the airport she said she needed 800USD for return trip or they would not let her board the flight.

First reported: carmen@brokenheart.com

Aleks/Sasha – Kazan, Russia

Phone: no phone
Email: kassaks79@pochtamt.ru

Details: “Visa and airfare” scam. Initiates the contact through a gay personals website, falls in love with you, wants to visit you. Asks money for visa and tickets. 

First reported: Bob



Aleksandra – Omsk, RussiaAddress: Omsk, Russia
Email: princessa_2004@bk.ru, princessa_2004@bk.ru
Details: After about the fifth letter she was madly in love and wanted to be with me. Finally she asked for visa money $480.First reported: Claus



Aleksandrovna Latypova, Irina aka Aleksandrovna Potorochina, Aleksandra – Primorsk, Russia

Screen Name: Julikana
E-mail addresses: svetsvet4u@yahoo.com, tevstevs0606@yahoo.com
Agency: Match.com
Physical address:
Lebedeva Street 6-15
Primorsk, Russia, 188910
The Primorsk this individual lives in is in the Leningradskaya Oblast as to avoid confusion, as there are 2 other Primorsks in Russia in my
research on Mapquest.com.
Details: I am a full-time employed, single white/caucasian 31 year old male living in Monroe, LA. I have stumbled upon another recent scammer that has been hitting up Match.com alot apparently posing as a girl from Plano, TX but then revealing herself as from Primorsk, Russia. Her screename on Match.com is “Julikana”, I have already contacted them about her as a Russian scammer as well to have her account removed and her IP perma banned.Typical bait and switch “visa and tickets” scammer, thankfully I have NOT sent her any money, I was wise to be suspicious of this individual’s true motives. I have yet to resolve our conversation after she sent me her forged Visa(verified that it is indeed forged by the St. Petersburg U.S. Consulate) and at this point I don’t care to.First reported: Jay

Aleksandrovna Potorochina, Aleksandra aka Aleksandrovna Latypova, Irina – Primorsk, Russia

Screen Name: Julikana
E-mail addresses: svetsvet4u@yahoo.com, tevstevs0606@yahoo.com
Agency: Match.com
Physical address:
Lebedeva Street 6-15
Primorsk, Russia, 188910
The Primorsk this individual lives in is in the Leningradskaya Oblast as to avoid confusion, as there are 2 other Primorsks in Russia in my
research on Mapquest.com.
Details: I am a full-time employed, single white/caucasian 31 year old male living in Monroe, LA. I have stumbled upon another recent scammer that has been hitting up Match.com alot apparently posing as a girl from Plano, TX but then revealing herself as from Primorsk, Russia. Her screename on Match.com is “Julikana”, I have already contacted them about her as a Russian scammer as well to have her account removed and her IP perma banned.Typical bait and switch “visa and tickets” scammer, thankfully I have NOT sent her any money, I was wise to be suspicious of this individual’s true motives. I have yet to resolve our conversation after she sent me her forged Visa(verified that it is indeed forged by the St. Petersburg U.S. Consulate) and at this point I don’t care to.

First reported: Jay

Alekseenko, Irina – Magnitogorsk, Russia (aka Tatyana Kononova)

Phone: no phone
Address: 13 Bibisheva str, app#7, Magnitogorsk, 455007, Russia
Email: starkitty@nekto.com

Details: “Visa and tickets” scam. Initiates the contact through a personals website, falls in love with you, wants to visit you. Asks money for visa and tickets. 

First reported: Jethro



Alekseev, Aleksandr (aka Sasha) – Ulyanovsk, Russia

Address: Vladimirskaya Street, 84a-123, Ulyanovsk, Russia
osen@fromru.com, bagulnik@pochta.ru

Details: Typical visa/ticket scam but the scammer claims he is gay and contacted from gay.com.

First reported: Jay



Alekseeva, Elena

Phone: no phone

Email:  Details: Prewritten letters; requests money for visa/tickets and passport/flowers/english lessons etc.

First reported: Alien

Alekseeva, Nadezhda (Nadya) – Lyskovo, Russia

Phone: no phone
Address: Swerdlow Street 14/3, Lyskovo, Russia   

 Email: tide_04@yahoo.com 

Details: She is good. After 3 weeks i ask her to visit me in my country (Netherland). 3 weeks later she said that she will visit me and she’s going to a travellingagency for info. There they told her how much money she needed for the document, ticket and visa. About 800 euro.
She asked me to send the money by MoneyGram. Then she went to Moscow to visit the dutch ambassy to get her visum. They told her that for a visum of 90 days she needed 4500 euro’s. 50 euro a day to live. A place to sleep, to eat and drink. Thats the law in the Netherlands and is correct. After that she send me the flightinfo, also correct.
But she never show up. Indeed, she is good. She used as a emailaddress; tide_04@yahoo.com I’ve got messages from her in my own language, she used a online translator. In every letter she called my name several times, a different strategy? Now she told me that she was arrested saturday on the airport in Moscow for smuggling antic stuff.
Her own stuff, she said. Now she must pay a penalty a 9600 euro’s to be free or by judge and than between 3,5 and 6 years prison. Can that be truth? I dont believe it. She needed still 5100 euro’s to pay the penalty.
First reported: Chris

Alekseeva, Oksana – Kotlas, Russia

Address: Travel agent: “Max Travel” maxtravel-kotlas.narod.ru. Arkhangelsk, Kotlas, Kirov Street 76. Postal code 165300    

Email: oksaleeva@yahoo.com

Details: We met on match.com

She seemed incredibly sincere. We exchanged lengthy emails almost daily for 2 months. I saw only minuscule red lights. Her poetic, sincere, romantic nature intoxicated me into trusting her.

She shared stories of how she lost her 3 yr old brother at the age of 6. She felt bad as her mother (mum) still mourned the loss but she could not hardly remember him.

Her father mostly enjoyed “wasting” time in the garden.

She worked as an art teacher for teenagers. Only wanting to pass on the skills her mother taught her. She shared a story of how she saw one 13 year old student smoking a cigarette and was horrified. She complained of many drunken men in the streets and being very afraid.

A couple weeks later the fire department appeared at her school and closed it for not meeting
regulations. Her first time without work.

I suggested perhaps meeting in Europe six months down the road. She could not wait that long for us to be together. She had so fallen in love she could not wait a day.

She tried to get a loan at the bank but was unsuccessful. Finally her retired father was able to get a portion of the cost to fly to America. I told her I was in the middle of bankruptcy (true) and not able to help. I talked to the travel agency “Max Travel” (maxtravel-kotlas.narod.ru) about delaying her flight so I could raise funds. They said that was not possible because tickets had already been purchased (Red light). I did get them to delay the flight briefly. I finally flinched and sent money ($490) to her travel “agent” Elena Avdeeva via Western Union.

Oksana only spoke of money indirectly, mostly focusing on love and romance.

I appeared at the airport for her arrival. She was not there. A call to one connecting flight airline at London Hethrow did not show her on the passenger list.

Then came the frantic emails of a frightened, innocent young girl stranded without food or shelter in the big scary city of Moscow. She described successfully getting her visa at the Moscow embassy. Only to be stopped by customs while trying to board the plane. She needed to show evidence of having $3000 to travel with a tourist visa (true I now believe – this IS a requirement).

Her following emails became more tattered and frenzied. I offered to get her a nights hotel stay and a train ticket back home. I told her to have a Western Union agent email me with instructions. She replied that the agent has no information to send me. At that point I Google-ed
“Russian Scams”. After searching pictures I found her photo under a different name and city. She was good. And I foolish.

Fortunately no more money was sent. I’m sure I blew apprehending her when I replied to her email with “I caught you”. I only hope my faith in the goodness of people is not severely damaged.

I did follow up with a final ill-spirited message declaring that cruel, soul-less people belong in prison.

First reported: Tim




Alekseeva, Veronika – Lipetsk, Russia

Phone: no phone
Address: 57 Nedelina, 94 Lipetsk, 398000, Russian Federation

Email: veronika2@fromru.com, cat55555@bk.ru

Details: Prewritten letters; requests money for visa/tickets and passport.

First reported: Tom

Aleksenko, Oksana – Kemerovo, Russia

Address: Kirov street 18 appt 37, Kemerovo,650014,Russia

Email: singleflower7@gmail.com

Details: Received an email in my inbox from a girl, respond to link that took me to website me.com. In the first letter she informed me that she lives in Russia. Corresponding for a while then she fell in love and told me that she would like to come and visit me in US. She told me that plane tickets would cost $850.00 but ask me to send money because she does not have the money to pay for the plane tickets. She also emails me a copy of her passport and that is when I found out that it is a scam. 

First reported: Matthew




Alena – Lugansk, Ukraine

Email: skalaly@mail.ru

Details: Answered my email. In the second letter, she started telling me that she needed a translator from Webdate.com.

First reported: Michael


Aleskeenkova, Marinochka (Marina, Natalya) – Tomsk, Russia

Email: Marina_Aleske@mail15.com, nata@mozhno.net
Address: LEBEDEVA street 11-7, 634000, Tomsk, Russia.

Details: She contacted me through the Yahoo Personals. She never answered any of my direct question. Never heard back from her when I requested of a picture of her and her family together.

Second story: She contacted me through Yahoo Personals. By the eighth email she wanted $350 to get a visa and to come visit me. She emailed me for 3 weeks before stopping after I said I couldn’t give her the money.

First reported: NoCigar
Second reported: wontbefooledagain
Third reported: HEYNEHOME

Alexandrova, Tania – Magadan, Russia

Phone: no phone
Address: City of Magadan proletarskya,3-15 Russia

Details: Prewritten letters; requests money for visa and tickets.

First reported: Bob


Alexandrova, Yulia – Nizhniy-Novgorod, Russia

Email: Yulyaalex@bk.ru
Address: Nizhniy-Novgorod, Russia

Details: Requests money for visa and tickets.

First reported: Ray

Alexeenko Irina – Samara Russia

Email: lastochka1976@pochtamt.ru
Address: 40b Lebedeva Street, Apt. #4, Samara, Russia

Details: She initiates contact, requests money for visa/passport/airline tickets. Then she asks for more money to be put in an account as proof for the INS that she can support herself.

First reported: Dave.S



Aliona – Chernivtsy, Ukraine

Details: asks for money and then disappear. she was born on the 27th of march 1973 she has 2 sons and she is divorced. She was talking to Phillip Sterling from USA and she took a lot of
money from him! She was also the member of my marriage agency happy-hearts.net and
I noticed that she is a lier and a scammer!
First reported: Tatyana

Amaukova, Ekaterina – Borki, Russia

Address: Russia, Omsk area, Siberian federal area, Borki, Sovetskaya street 10-12
Email: ekaterina@medren.com
Bank Details
Kalachinsk, Russian Federation
Kalachinsk, Russian FederationDetails: I was approached on yahoo personals…typical fall in love fast…but lots of pictures…emailed me a US Visa….said she paid for it.$340..said she paid $240 toward plane ticket (sent itinerary) and needed me to Western Union her the balance $700+..I checked her visa with U.S. Embassy in Moscow. They said the didn’t issue one to her.

First reported: Cory
Second reported: Dan W.

Andreeva, Maria – Volgograd, Russia

Address: Oblast, Volgograd, Russia.
Email: olesyakid@mail15.com, olesyasama@rambler.ru
Details: Typical scammer using same profiles with different pictures, names, addresses, and accounts. Used love.org, olesyakid@mail15.com, olesya/ masha, (mashakid)-username. Volgograd
eromancenetwork.ca (Olesyakid, member id O000016, different photo) – word for word same profile. olesyasama@rambler.ru. Haven’t request money but hinting to visit without letting me visit to Russia first.First reported: Johnny

Andreeva, Sveta or Svetlana – Cheboksary, Russia

Address: Ekaterinburg, Russia
Email: sveta_andreeva@pochta.ru
Travel Agency Name: “CHT Travel Agency”
Address: Cheboksary CityBank Details
Beneficiary Bank:

Account with correspondent bank: 04413603
Name: Guta Bank
Address: 5 Dolgorukovskaya Street, Moscow

Payment Details:
Private Transfer to Telebank Client 517931

Details: I sent her everything that she and the agency requested including round trip airfare, visa, passport, etc.

First reported: Scott
Third reported: Victor

Andries, Andrea – Bucharest, Romania 

YM is andreea andreea and sometimes it is alesya_alesya
E-mail address: alesya_18us

Details: She wanted to come to Toronto Canada.
Then I said i wanted to see her on cam. I sent her $35 US she said she needed medicine and spent the money. A week later, I sent her $50 because I still wanted to verify she was real, and it is not alot of money. She bought internet time and told me that the camera in the cafe was not available.
We were talking about her coming here, and I said i would see her on cam the next day.
On the next day she slipped up and said that she will meet me in Quebec next week. She seems to have her sights set on Canadians. I confronted her and you can see the conversation below that I coppied from Yahoo. so now she picks a fight with me over this because she just realized how stupid she is. The funny thing is, she is the one who contacts me to taunt me. She is just to stupid for words. please post her pictures and her information. Like I said, she is very active in scamming smaller amounts because she thinks we will not care. Truth is, she is still a scammer.

First reported: Dale

Andrey – Cheboksary or Chuvashiya, Russia

Address: Cheboksary or Chuvashiya, Russia
Email: lunar_guy@front.ru, lunar_guy@mail15.com, rybak@gay.com
Details: Contacted me through gay.com website. Changed emails twice.Typical: wrote letters, stated fell in love with me, needed money for visas and air fare. Stock letters, never answered questions. Stories didn’t line up.

First reported: John

Andriyanova Natasha – Tuymen Russia

Email: Natal2008@inbox.ru
Address: Russia . Tyumen. str. Green 163-11
Details: Asks for money for visa and tickets to be sent by Western Union.First reported: Ringo
Second reported: TimMoney should be sent via Western Union to: Intermediary: Bank Of New York, New York, S.W.I.F.T.: IRVTUS3N
Acc/No. 890-0372-664Account with institution: SWIFT; MENARU2PMOS, Bank Menatep St.Petersburg, Moscow BrunchTo beneficiary’s account: Acc/No. 30301840200450000017

Beneficiary customer: Yoshkar-ola Branch of Bank “Menatep SPB”

Details of payment: Firstname – Nataliya, Surname – Andriyanova, Acc/No – 42301840200171000092

Angela – Tashkent Uzbekistan

Phone: Unknown
Email: angela17@list.ru

Details: Typical visa/ticket scam.
First reported: Chris

Angelica – Volgograd, Russia

Address: Volgograd, RussiaDetails: No money was sent. Didn’t get to that point. Suspected something fishy after first few e-mails. Went along with it for a bit longer. The last photo with the cleavage left me no doubt.First reported: Pachelbel

Angelika – Lugansk, Ukraine

Phone: Unknown
Email: lady@mail.dsip.net
Details: Typical visa/ticket scam and also asks money for her dance lessons. Writes dirty sometimes.First reported: Chris

“Angelina” – First Marrige Agency in Ekaterinburg “ANGELINA” (also known as Scarlett Agency, Dinasty Visa and Internet Club, Myriad of Hearts, Cupid Internet Club etc) – Ekaterinburg, Russia

Phone: +7-3434-867719

Address: Russia, Ekaterinburg, 15 Lenina street
Email: info@angelina.ur.ru
Managers: Dmitry Baklykov, Dmitry Ptashinskiy
Web site address: angelina.ur.ru

Details: Non-existing agency. Ads of pretty girls are placed on popular personals sites. When answer the ad, you find yourself corresponding through an agency in Ekaterinburg. The “agency” promises to fly the lady of your interest to you, asking money for tickets and visa, and giving you deadlines when money should be paid, or “her visa expires”. They write good English, and pressurize with deadlines very well. You may be requested to send money on the name of the girl of your interest or one of the “managers”. May supply you with “addresses” and phone numbers of “clients who successfully used their services”; also have references listed on their website. Email addresses given as references are registered at free services like Hotmail, and those people are non-existent. Phone numbers given in USA as references are voice mail.Most often connected with Elena Zakhareeva scam

First reported: Mike

Anjelika, Guelbing – Kiev, Ukraine

Phone: 0038-044-51677434, 0049-0179-8870112
Address: 04212 Kiev 212, Ukraine, P.O. Box 49
Email: Guelbing@mail.ru
Details: Typical visa/ticket scamFirst reported: Morris

Anna – Poltava/Schastie, Ukraine

E-mail address: Ane_4ka@mail.ruDetails: I contacted her and after the first letter I
wanted to know more about Schastie – Ukraine. I discovered that there are a lot of scammers from Eastern Europe and I decided to browse her e-mail address on internet. Well, the e-mail address is located in two scammer lists, so I ask her stop writing me anymore. By the way, she told me that was paying for translation services.First reported: Fernando

Anna aka Nadezhda/Riyna/Svetlana – Russia 

Postal address: Russian Federation, street Lenina 85, apartment 69
E-mail addresses: mailfrromme@yahoo.com, lapochka006@yahoo.com

Details: she found me, says through a penpal site i went on, BUT i canceled that account 6 months ago? that made me question er right there as being odd. then she mentioned about “me asking her to come to us” which i found odd, i never did, so i knew she was bringing it up in a starnge way, odd…then i had a gut feeling to look under scam sites, found her photo, then info anbout her scamming allot of people under tons of names. she still dont know im aware, and its
the 5th letter now, shes now starting to bring up money things, so its coming!

First reported: Joe

Anna – Ukraine aka Golubina, Anastasiya (Nastya) – Cheboksary, Russia, Maria Evdokimova, Julia, Kitty, and Semyonova, Olga

1. Cheboksary 428000, Charles-Marx’s Street 56-92 or 66-92. Of course it is a fake address.
2. Cheboksary, street of the world 80, apt. 145
3. Lobachevskogo the house 21 apt. 15 Index=42000
Cities: Cheboksary, Kazan,Novocheboksarsk, Yoshkar-Ola, and Novosibirsk
4. Novosibirsk, Russia with a name Olga Semyonova on the agencyscams.com
E-mail addresses: 
juliette_s@inbox.ru. She writes to XXX from UK and her name is Julia. Julia is on the scammers’ list on the stop-scammers.com
horashay@yahoo.com. She is now writes to XXX from USA. She tries to set up the place to meet
sireniti09@rambler.ru. She is writing now to XXX from Australia and asking XXX to send her money through the Western Union
larika_006@inbox.ru. This is her email address she uses to write to me
anit_a81@mail.ru and her manager’s email: alian_99. Found her on the stop-scammers.com. She is Anna and from Ukraine. She write to XXX from Greece

Details: I have been scammed by this evil woman for $4900. I received 100+ letters from her.

First reported: Manny

Anna – Yoshkar-Ola, Russia 

Agency: friendscout

Details: She wrote me a letter through friendscout after few letter she sait she loves me
than she told me she need money to visit me
180-200$ for visa -> the current cost is 35$
she would come fast. Ha ha She told me she has no phone and I never got any address

First reported: Ralf 

Anna – Yoshkar-Ola, Russia aka Valentina/Valya Valechka – Cheboksary, Russia aka Rebakova/Ribakova, Olga – Yoshkar-Ola, Russia

Nickname: lovely80
E-mail address: lovely801@rambler.ru
Details: I started coresponding with one that was nicknamed “olgalovely” who’s supposely real name was Olga Rebakova. Then when she asked me money to get papers done changed to Ribakova. I was coreesponding with her and at the same time, in the beginning, I was chatting with another girl, met on the same website, called Anna (lovely80). Olga once asked me if I was corresponding with another woman. After telling her that I was, Anna stopped corresponding with me. She never wrote back to me.. I think that it is the same person writing, that’s why she wanted me to stop. When Olga quit our relation, because I was asking too many questions and I wasn’t sending money, another russian girl wrote to me. Her name was Valentina. After a couple of letters, she made a mistake and sent me twice the same message. She even forgot to fill the blanks there was on her template I should say….

First reported: Roy

Anna (Dreamy), aka, Maria A- Yerevan, Armenia

Address: Yerevan, ArmeniaDetails: Contacted in face-pic.com. Live with uncle in Armenia (Yerevan). Only in the first letter, she said she loves me. She never give her full name or address. When it was asked I never heard back from her again.

First reported: Gilles 34

Antonova, Svetlana – Russia, Ekaterinburg

Phone: +7-3434-867719
Address: Svevlana Antonova ,
Russia, Ekaterinburg, Sovetskaya 38,apartaments 26
Details: Contacts men through singles sites. Tells you everything you want to hear. Asks for money for visa and tickets to be sent by Western Union.

First reported: Russ

Antropova, Elena – Vladimir, Russia

Address: Vladimir, RussiaTravel Agency Name: Avia Travel – A bogus travel agency
Address: Vladimir, Russia
Contact Name: Mochalova Zinaida Semyonovna
Phone: +7-343-266-77-21Details: Met her on Jumpdates.com. Email you many times and said she must meet you. Then she recommended a travel agency “Avia Travel”. They will send you fake flight information. Sent a lot of money for her visa, documents, travel expenses through customs but she never showed up.

First reported: Michael

Anya (same story as Yana Vladimirovna Repka) – Lugansk, Ukraine

Email: anyablond1@ukr.netDetails: Initiated contact. After the 4th letter she is your girlfriend. After Anya began inviting to Lugansk, Ukraine. Anya was very glad about the visit and began offering you to use LuganskRental’s service luganskrental.com. The agency and Anya has the same IP address. The agency doesn’t have a permit or licence to occupy yet.

First reported: Robert

Apaeva, Alisa 

E-mail address: frulama@rambler.ru

Details: all we did was e-mail, she told how she liked me and how thankful she was to god that she find me….oh well you can read it in her mail, I replied how sweet and beautiful she was.

Adding a few pictures of me at work and at home, on my motorcycle.

That’s really it, didn’t send any money. with every mail she wrote she send a picture.

First reported: Sil

Apaeva, Alisa – Elabuga, Russia

Email: alisa_elabuga@mail.ruDetails: Wants me to send money for visa. Fell in love quickly and gave her heart totally to me HA

First reported: Castlewade

Arbenina, Diana – Riga, Latvia

Snoras Bank
Address: 7 A.Vivulskio
LT-2600 Vilnius
Acc. 336710671
Beneficiary Bank: AB bankas Snoras,
Bank code for transfer 260101758
Intermediary Bank: Acc. 2000193009631

Details: Initiated contact through findsomeone.com.au. Her photos’ titles are “to Allan”. Madly fall in love after couple of weeks and found out how much it was going to cost for Airfares, Visa etc and the Visa cost was far greater than any Visa cost on the Australian government website. A letter I sent was returned saying her address doesn’t exist.Gave 3 different bank accounts for money transfer. The beneficiaries did not match any business name of a travel company (her aunt Marina’s) in Riga. Account Name of the third bank account is well known internet scammer’s bank account who numerous residencies on the scamming sites, but one of them was: Latvia, Riga, Mascavas Street 220-C, Apartment 137, LV-1615.Some of her other known alias’s from other scamming sites that I have seen are: Tamara Gataullina, Ekaterina Belyh, Julia Solodovich, Diana Arbenina, Tamara Tikinia, Ekaterina Belyh; Uliya Suslova. Some of the other email addresses I have seen for this one person are: rina24@pochta.ru, rina24@pochta.ru, kat80@inbox.ru, kate9824@pochta.ru, Tamara_1@front.ru, Karamelka275@Alabama.ru, Kate24@pochta.ru and then lastly the one I received my correspondence from diana24arben@mail.ru.

First reported: Allan

Arbenina, Diana (AKA Daria)Tbilisi, Georgia

Address: 22 shakidze St Tbilisi Georgia 0160
Email: pusic_love@mail.ru

IBAN LV43 UBAL 1500111898002

Details:  Found her through findsomeone.com. Mention about money after 1 month corresponding.

First reported: The shadow

Archakova, Oksana – Novokuznetsk, Russia

Phone: 7(3843)37-11-25
Address: St Lenina 38-81, Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo Region, 654015 Russia
Email: OksanaArc@mail.ru
Details: I have visited her once. Didn’t let me meet her parents. When asked to meet again, suggested to meet her at Kazakhstan and France instead. She said she needs visa to go there. When emailed with different email account, she replied asking money for a computer to communicate. At 1st-International.com, her profile was removed as someone else complained about sending her 2000 Euro for visa and tickets.

First reported: Billy

Archimieva, Elena – St Petersburg, Russia (aka Irena Kiseleva, Tatyana Stolyarenko)

Phone: no phone
Address: Gerasimova St 101, 2nd floor St. Petersburg 871331 RUSSIA
Email: russiandreams@hotmail.com; Tatyana4love@hotmail.com
Details: “Visa and tickets” scam. Initiates the contact through a personals website, falls in love with you, wants to visit you, asks money for visa and tickets, which suppose to be processed by “an agency”.

First reported: T.M.

Arina – Rumania 

E-mail address: arinlita@mail.ru
Nickname: RIDAVNA
Declared name: Arina

Details: met on Adultfriendfinder but found she had a profile also on Friendfinder.com
Requested money for passport.

First reported: P.

Artemeva, Margarita – St. Petersburg Russia

Address: 42000,Kazan Dekabristov street 158
Email: margarin@front.ru, artemmm@front.ru
Details: Pretends to be a gay guy. Uses female name “Margarita”. “Visa and tickets” scam. Falls in love with you, wants to visit you, asks money for visa and tickets.

First reported: Richard
Second reported: Scott

Artemieva, Elena – St. Petersburg Russia

Phone: no phone
Address: Dynasty of Heart Internet Club, Gerasimova St 101, 2nd floor, St. Petersburg, 871331 Russia DynastyNetCub@mail.ru
Email: DynastyNetCub@mail.ru

Details: “Visa and tickets” scam. Falls in love with you, wants to visit you, asks money for visa and tickets.

First reported: Duke

Averyanova Natalia – Saratov, Russia

Phone: no phone
Address 1: 20A-9 Zarubina, SARATOV 424003, Russian Federation
Email: nat99@land.ru
Details: Contact you first and she is not even from your interested area. Starts to talk about wanting to buy phone and stop contacting when the persons get suspicious. Didn’t write letters herself, obvious that the letters are cut and pasted from somewhere and sometimes send you exactly same message more than once.

First reported: Richard

Awdeeva Elena – Gryazovets, Russia

Address: Polevaya street, House 27, apt 7, Vplogodskaya Oblast, Gryazovets, RussiaDetails: I’ve been professionally scammed by a person who went by the name of Elena Awdeeva. Her stories were exactly the same as another person’s report of a girl by the name Oksana ALEKSEEVA of KOTLAS, RUSSIA. I vetted her out to the absolute best of my abilities, she’s truly a professional! She got over $ 5500 from me over a span of several months, now she conveniently had to have an appendectomy! The stories in her emails were the exact same as the prior’s statements! I can’t believe I was so deceived, I am in shock still!I’m starting to get over my shock, she got over $5500 from me over a span of several months, the story is the same as the other person who was scammed. She even gave detailed flight info to me with the name of the local airport she’s be arriving at and times, I didn’t tell her the name of the airport, it would of have been researched to totally scam and receive me. Yes, it was the “I need $3000 more to get thru customs for travel money” and how she broke down and cried at the airport act. This person is truly a professional, must be part of a syndicate to be that good, complete with dated current passport.

First reported: James

Aytakowa Albina – Shelekhov, Russia

Phone: no phone
Address: Russia,Shelekhov, Sosnovaya street 3,flat 7
Email: al_ayta@clicmail.info
Details: Hi, this woman is already on your scam list as Irina Mitina, she went under the name of Albina Aytakowa and wanted $990 dollars for the difference in plane ticket that cost apparently $1290.She asked that I must send the money but use a Moscow address but she is living Shelekov. I told her she was a scammer. I have sent some other pictures she was using as well. I hope this may help you and others from being scammed. Thanks others.

First reported: Rick