Tarannikova, Oksana

Tarannikova, Oksana – Nikolaev, Ukraine

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Scammed Toshio for $5,000
Born: December 21, 1986
Address: 7 Prodolnaya 66, Nikolaev, Ukraine, 54000

I’ll inform of you that the lady Oksana Tarannikova is doing fraud and doesn’t feel it’s a crime.

She asked me to send money on the phone. She told me she would visit me if I I send $5000.

So, I sent her that money but she went away soon after having sent money. I know the fact that I sent money is not good.

But I really believed her at first. and wanted to see her in real. I know there would be such girls, If she appologized for that I could
forgive her, but she never appologized it and she put that responsibility on the war.


4 thoughts on “Tarannikova, Oksana”

    1. Hello Samson, I sent a letter to your email address. If you have any additional information about this lady that you want to share with others, please feel free to post it on our site.

  1. Does anyone know Mariia (Maria / Mariya), 23 yo from Odessa, operated in Romance Compass and Ukraina-Ladies (Traveler_Masha), Profile VK under the Name Maria Kaufman (and Mariia Kaufman). Name provided by agencies: Maria Ovakymian
    Would probably go under: money waster, but maybe the pictures form VK are stolen (she doesn’t answer to my inquiry, that’s why I’m not sure)

  2. she still a good scammer 3 years later but now on extasycams under name Alrami, she go with classic this time health and relatives problem and she is very good in that,

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