Voronenko, Nataliya – Kherson, Ukraine

Voronenko, Nataliya – Kherson, Ukraine

First name: Nataliya
Last name: Voronenko
Aka: Nataliya Voronenko, Voronenko Nataliya
Name aliases: Nataliya, Natasha, Natali, Nataly, Natalia, Nata, Nati, Tasha
Born: December 13, 1993
Location(s): Kherson (Ukraine)
Address(es): 49 Gvardeyskoy divisii 51/97
Phone number(s): +380668308045
E-mail address(es): natusa1993@mail.ru
Operates on site(s): loveme.com ID: 134577 , adanov.com,
vk.com ID20026666

Natalia has boyfriends all over the place in Kherson, she is openly flaunting this on her VK profile!

So, she has proved that with all of the photo’s that are in her VK profile, & on the spravi question site, where she was arguing with another girl about her (latest) local boyfriend…

If  people running dating sites were smart they would make all girls to sign an agreement not to date with local guys, especially, if they are not allowed to freely communicate with any foreign guys on dating websites, it is only fair to all of the men who pay all that money to contact them…

Otherwise, it is a big fraud, since the guys must face all of the cost to communicate with girls that are under complete control of their local dating agency…

She is already lying to guys on all of the dating sites, & she has only been there for a week or two, or a month on some sites… Not to mention that she has 440 friends on her Vk site, & 150 on her Facebook mostly guys who are in her profile photo’s

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    1. Hi Sergey, I don’t quite follow your request – what photos are you writing about? We don’t have any other photos of this girl.

  1. The photos were provided by the man who reported her to be a scammer, unfortunately I can’t give you his name because it’s a private information.

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