Why should you report scam?

Reporting scam to report-scam.com is easy, it takes just one simple step. The purpose of report-scam.com is collecting various dating scams from around the world and store in one location and share with the whole world.

Scamming is becoming more common every day and law enforcement authorities are unable to track and stop all these tricky people, leaving simple people like me and you suffer the burden of scammers. So, as a victim of scam, I have introduced this mechanism in hope of providing clues how to avoid being scammed. When you have clues, it can lead to save a lot of money and disappointment of cause.

So, if you would like to help building a scam free world, for the sake of dating sites who are honest in their service, report your scam and let the whole world know. Click here to report your scam now!

6 thoughts on “Why should you report scam?”

  1. A woman by the name of Namaoy Amornrat Naowabut has just scammed me out of 18 months of my life and at least $20,000.00 She is a perfect liar and cheat and runs several men online at once. I am devastated and very angry but most of all I want to warn other men about this bitch. Where can I post her photos?

    1. Hi James,
      I have a friend that this has recently happened to also! $ 30,000 and 2 years of excuses from the ukraine scammer.I have read they get paid 30 % commission to do this.
      I hope you find true love in a person in actually meeting them, and feeling a physical and emotional connection and see what becomes…you cannot find love in cyberspace! I’m sorry

  2. I have been talking with a man that I hv heard from other women have scammed them out if thousands and he is working on me now. This isn’t my first scam but this man is good spending hours a day talking with me about meeting soon and then it came the anger when I could not send him money when he was so desperate from a business deal gone bad…I have a number an address everything but know he has done this to at least two other women…My email us driley626@gmail.com if you will contact me so I can forward more info to you.

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